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2017 Spring Sandscribes Published

Click here.

Posted 17 April 2017

Our Beautiful Beach

These pictures were just taken last night (Saturday, April 15th):

Heidelberg Beach, Spring of 2017

Heidelberg Beach, Spring of 2017

Heidelberg Beach, Spring of 2017

Can you believe it?

This is all due to the incredible work of Dean Smith, Carol Dunkle, and Harvey Foote. They all have been puttering away on the beach throughout this winter.

As you know we had a mild year—and not too much washed ashore. So, they have been down several times raking, gathering, and clearing. Barring a terrible spring storm (and we know this is a possibility!), we are ready for summer by Easter Sunday!

Dean has been on a mission to get rid of the invasive shrubs, and clear out and smooth out the flatter areas of the beach bank for easier maintenance. Dean and Harvey have created more areas that will be able to be maintained with just mowing. The beach grasses are filling in and holding our dunes. Our beach bank has always been a Herculean job to maintain, and they’ve moved us a huge step forward in making this easier. It is just stunning and we can’t thank them enough.

As you can see in the pictures too, the water is high this year, and the beach is fairly narrow. Because of the high waves and water, we temporarily lost the northern volleyball net post! The waves were so strong and high that it became dislodged. Luckily, Carol Dunkle noticed at the right moment, and found it on Ben Norton’s beach! It is now laying on the ground just to the left of the south post. I don’t remember that ever happening in my lifetime!

In the bottom picture, you can see—just east over the east pier—is a pile of ash. We’ve re-instituted the beach burn pile—more on that in the article below!

Posted 16 April 2017

The Burn Pile Returns!

As you read and heard last year, we no longer have access to the help of Mr. Brown’s crew to haul our debris away.

After careful thought and preparation, we’ve chosen this location, just east of the east pier, and just north of the pathway to the east beach, for our new burn pile:

New Beach Burn Pile

Dean Smith and Harvey Foote have used their collection of machinery to prepare this area—and of course, start collecting our stick and limb debris.

The New Plan for Usage:

  1. We ask that everyone now use this burn pile as the location to put your sticks, limbs, and pulled out plants or shrubs.

  2. We are working on cleaning up the old compost pile on the east end of the promenade and would like to make the promenade area only for leaves.

    Promenade Leaf Compost Area

    Throwing plants, shrubs, sticks, and limbs here has made a terrible eyesore, and put things in a place that we can’t maintain well. Cleaning this area is still a work in progress, but we’d appreciate that nothing further be added here from this point forward (except leaves, of course).

  3. There is still an area in the woods behind the forsythia on the south side of the creek (near the entrance to the beach) that can be used for all debris. However, if you can bring the sticks and limbs to the burn pile anyway, we’d really appreciate it. At some point, we’ll have to manage that area better too—and the sticks and limbs just don’t decompose.

    Orchard Compost Area

  4. Please, please, please, do not use the area around the dumpster for limbs or any other debris. We need to have that clear for the dumpster, and for putting wood chips down. Harvey and John just got that cleaned out again.

  5. Finally, please do not light the burn pile. Please leave this to Dean and Harvey only. They will monitor the conditions, and monitor the fire appropriately.

To Reiterate in Brief Summary:

  1. Use the burn pile on the east beach for all limbs, sticks, plants, shrubs.

  2. Use either the east end of the promenade or the south side of the creek compost areas for leaves only.

  3. Do not put any yard waste or debris down by (or in!) the dumpster.

Thank you so much for your cooperation as we try to make these improvements to keep our beach beautiful!

Posted 18 April 2017

New Fire Pit Ring for the Beach

The old fire pit ring was lost to the lake over the winter. We think someone took it down from its storage location on the beach bank for a fire in the late fall, and did not put it back up by the wood pile. John and Jane purchased a new one. ☺

New Fire Pit Ring

We will take it down to the beach in a few weeks once we get a picnic table and the chairs back in position. We also plan to have a galvanized pail tethered to the picnic table so people can easily extinguish the fires with lake water (not sand). When the ring becomes too full of ash or unburnt wood, people can use the pail to scoop it out and take it over the east pier to the burn pile. This way we will not have a terrible mess of coals in the sand as previously when people shifted the ring around when it got full of sand. Again, please use the pail for water, or taking the old ash to the burn pile. We’ll try to get some signage posted down there too.

One final note: We have a decent sized wood pile right now—the logs need to be split first. Harvey Foote and/or Jeff Belmont will be getting that taken care of for us. Please don’t start making fires until we can get this in order. The logs in the pile now would overwhelm the new fire pit ring. (And please don’t just start a fire on the sand without the ring in place.)

Also, we always appreciate anyone who is willing to take a chainsaw and cut up and split wood for this pile throughout the season. There is quite a bit of driftwood on the east beach that could be used for this purpose. There are also places in the woods areas that have large logs on the ground—just ask Jane and she’ll direct you.

Posted 16 April 2017

General Help Wanted

Though amazing work has already been done around the beach, there are still some miscellaneous tasks that we’d appreciate help with.

  1. Picking up sticks and limbs. Harvey, Dean, Carol, John, and I have already taken the first pass around the property to get things cleaned up for the start of mowing season. As winds or storms happen, we always get a new batch down on the ground. Please help to pick them up off the grassy areas and take them down to the burn pile. (Or, if you need help transporting to the beach, call Carol or Harvey to pick up the pile you’ve gathered.)

  2. Our tree service did a “Vista Prune” on the promenade this year. They raised the limbs on many trees to let a little more sunlight in and provide a spectacular view for all. There are several areas around the promenade (including a place where a tree was removed) that could use some re-seeding work.

  3. As you saw, the beach itself is in good shape at this moment. Help us keep it that way and rake up or saw up any new things that wash ashore—the burn pile is just past the east pier! If something is appropriate for the fire pit wood pile (make sure it is cut to length)—you can put it there.

  4. At some point, Harvey and Dean will take some loads of wood chips to put around the bases of the promenade trees (that aren’t already maintained by others). They’ll need help raking and shaping those rings. Remember—make donuts, not volcanoes! ☺ Getting all the trees on the promenade ringed is still the goal. If any are left undone, your help in doing them would be appreciated.

Thank You!

Thank you as well to everyone who has volunteered to do a task on our Community List—we all appreciate the gift of having those things taken care of!

Posted 16 April 2017

Winter Infrastructure Update

Dear Community,

The deadline to apply (again) for a low interest EPA loan was March 1st. As promised last fall, the Board checked in with our Erie County contacts to see if anything had changed in their ability to help us this year.

The short answer is “no.” The short reason remains that we are a private community.

The longer story is that there was a major shake-up in the county after the election. The Erie County Sanitary Engineer was fired, and those responsibilities transferred to the Erie County Director of Utilities. One of the two county commissioners we had worked with was also ousted. The remaining commissioner, who is also the one that truly holds the purse strings, remains steadfast that we won’t get any monetary help.

We’ve had some further insights and understanding as well. When Erie County offered us the loan in 1964, it was probably only because the Erie County Commissioner that held the purse strings to the county at that time was a resident of Heidelberg Beach. We had not understood until now that we had probably been given a special favor—access to money that would not have been normal. This explains too why the project might have fizzled out 50 years ago. Our resident commissioner’s term probably ended before the county was able to start the work. This is just a theory, but at this point, it is an educated one.

We hope you can agree that the Board has worked hard to turn over every stone in this investigation. The only viable option now is to save up for this expense.

The Board’s Plan for moving forward:

The Board will hold its first meeting of the year on Sunday, May 28th. The primary focus will be planning for the Annual Meeting (scheduled for Saturday, July 15th). This year we will more formally survey the community, by way of ballot, as to your agreement or disagreement to various aspects of moving forward to replace our infrastructure. We will also present a new rule for the Building Rules & Regulations document to address the tap-in fee for any future cottages built (see the October 2016 Resolution from the October 3rd Board Minutes).

As always, please contact any of your Board members with comments, concerns, or suggestions.


The Board of Trustees

Posted 3 March 2017

Septic Tank Cleaning

Abel Sanitation will be doing our septic tank cleaning again—and holding the price at $110/tank. They will possibly start on Monday afternoon (February 27th) and work Tuesday and Wednesday, weather permitting.

Posted 26 February 2017

West Virginia Water Main Breaks

We've had a busy week (third week of January, 2017) dealing with infrastructure problems on West Virginia road. Below is a brief photo journal showing the highlights.

New sinkhole in West Virginia Road

Last summer (2016) we saw the first signs of a new sinkhole developing along West Virginia Road, west of the Bratton cottage (42 West Virginia) and very near a previous repair where in July of 2015 the storm sewer cracked and caused another sinkhole.

Just after the Holidays, the sinkhole opened up, so it was time to initiate the repair. We contacted Franklin. and they came out the first day it wasn't raining and the temperature was above freezing. (Excavation is difficult in frozen earth!)

Cutting the pavement around the new sinkhole in West Virginia Road

Step #1: Cut the pavement.

Cutting the pavement around the new sinkhole in West Virginia Road

Step #2: Remove the pavement pieces.

The next step involved using an enormous vacuum excavation truck to clear away the earth and clay. The vacuum minimizes the size of the hole needed, and is the least invasive method when excavating around delicate pipes.

Once the dirt was removed, the problem was obvious: a hole in the water main.

Note that in the above video, the vacuum is running at full bore to help reduce the pressure of the spray. Otherwise, the force of the water escaping might have collapsed the west wall of the pit.

Close-ups of water main

Once the water was shut off, we could get a close look at the water main. The top photo shows the location of our next failure (see below). The light tan areas in the bottom photo are where the exterior surface of the pipe has flaked away, which, according to Larry Smith of Franklin, are susceptible to "blowing out" into other leaks.

Clamp used to repair first leak

The clamp used for the repair.

Clamp used to repair first leak

The clamp in place. Larry had a very difficult time installing the clamp because (1) the water main was so corroded that he had a difficult time establishing a good seal, and (2) the pipe was so "fragile" that he had to exercise extreme care to not introduce further damage.

Filling the hole with sand and gravel

After turning the water main back on, we waited a good long while to ensure there were no leaks. After that, the crew filled the hole, first with sand surrounding the repair, and then topping it off with gravel.

Finished project, we thought...

Project finished! Except...


Leaky mess two days after repair

...we awoke to this two days later.

More vacuuming. Unfortunately, this was all the new gravel and sand that had just been installed less than two days earlier. The good news was that with the great quantity of water bubbling up from below, the texture of the material was like quicksand.

Naturally, we assumed that the first repair had simply failed. When the water main was once again uncovered, we could see that a new, much larger hole had opened in a new location nearby.

Larry explained that he sees this frequently in the older systems he maintains. After years and years, the pipe loses its integrity, and it's actually the Ohio clay pushing against the sides of the pipe that holds it together. When a pipe is exposed, it loses that support, and even though Franklin carefully packed sand around the first repair (we watched them), it was not sufficient to hold the weak spots in place.

Leaky mess two days after repair

A closeup of the hole that burst in the bottom of the water main. This photo was taken after the water had been turned off for awhile, so the outflow was reduced to a trickle.

Photo credit for this shot goes to Larry, who was able to stick his cell phone underneath for a great view.

Second, larger clamp

A bigger clamp was necessary this time around.

Second clamp installed

Second clamp installed.

Second clamp installed

When the second repair was finished, we all noticed a strong stream of water coming out of the earth on the south side of the pit. It was difficult to discern whether this was yet another leak, or simply the draining of the saturated soil.

In an abundance of caution, we decided not to fill the hole but instead cover it with a metal plate. We'll check on it over the weekend and Monday. In the interim, please avoid this area of West Virginia Road.

UPDATE: The water seems to have stopped.

My thanks to Franklin for their care, speed and expertise in resolving these issues, and to Harvey Foote and John Macko who were on hand constantly to turn the water on and off, answer questions, and guard the hole.

Posted 22 January 2017

First Half Invoices Mailed

The First Half Real Estate Tax and Assessment invoices have been mailed with a due date of February 3rd.

Please contact Dick Castele (216-221-6358 or if you have any questions, or if your invoice does not arrive in a few days.

Posted 11 January 2017

New Sinkhole on West Virginia

A new sinkhole has opened up about 10 feet south of our first sinkhole on West Virginia. It is roughly due west of the Bratton cottage (42 West Virginia).

We are 99% sure it is a cracked storm sewer pipe and not a problem with our water line. We’ve called Franklin out to find and fix it, but they cannot do the work until the temperature rises above freezing—probably late next week (January 12th or 13th). Luckily this is not an emergency.

The hole, which is small at this point, is very near the center of the road. Be careful when driving or walking by this area to not step or drive directly on the hole.

Posted 6 January 2017

Doing some Housekeeping: Saving Important Neighborhood Information

Water System:

To not lose important information about our community, we decided to document some important information about our water system. When John worked with Harvey in December to turn off and turn on our main water supply, it seemed prudent to write down the idiosyncrasies for anyone that might have to do this in the future (without Harvey or John around). It will also be worthwhile knowledge when a new water system is designed. Please read through this, just for your awareness. Make a mental note that the documentation exists if it is ever needed.

Web Site:

Again, just to make sure more than one person has information, John has given our Web Site information to the two other beach members that have the required technical skill to run and maintain the Heidelberg Beach site—Aaron Hamilton and Brice Chidester (the Community Task List was updated to reflect this). Just in case something happens to John, all the information on the Web Site will be preserved and accessible.

In General:

It is worth a refresher for you to see what we have on the Neighborhood Information page—there is much valuable and useful information out there. No need to memorize the details, just familiarize yourself to know what information exists. This is a living repository, so help us add to it or correct it!

Posted 6 January 2017

Results of Board’s Budget Meeting

Dear Community,

The minutes from the October 3rd meeting are here, and the Budget for both operational expenses and Infrastructure Reserve expenses is here. Make particular note of the chart on the second page of the Budget showing how the expenses distribute based on the number of leaseholder lots.

Executive Summary

The Board unanimously approved the 2016-2017 operating budget, and it is almost identical to last year's budget. The method of assessment formula for operating expenses will be:

1/3 divided by 98 lots
2/3 divided by 48 cottages

The Board also unanimously approved $25,000 for the Infrastructure Reserve. After hearing the concerns of many leaseholders, this compromise is half the amount that was proposed. The method of assessment for this reserve will be 100% divided by 48 cottages.

Operational Expenses

The operating budget for 2016-2017 is almost identical to last fiscal year.

The method of assessment for collecting this money is:

1/3 divided by 98 lots
2/3 divided by 48 cottages

As a reminder, at the August 28th Board meeting, the Board voted to remove the part of the formula that was based on cottage tax valuations.

The thinking was that it was still important to maintain some charges (fees) for empty lots in our operational expenses. The per lot fee is still almost the same as it was in the formula that we have been using for the last seven years since our formula was last restructured.

Infrastructure Reserve

There was a former line item in our regular operational budget for Infrastructure (it was named “Sewer Maintenance” or “Capital Improvements” in prior years).

The Board is pulling that money out of the operating budget and setting up a separate Infrastructure Reserve.

The proposal discussed over the summer was to increase our savings effort from $2,450/year to $50,000 for 2017. Taking into consideration the concerns voiced by some leaseholders, the Board voted in only half that amount for 2017. To ease the transition to the increases we see on the horizon, and to give another year of time to look for other funding options, only $25,000 will be collected.

The method of assessment for collecting this money is an equal division by the 48 cottages. (Roughly $500/per cottage in 2017.)

The thinking was that for any future maintenance on our existing lines, or future replacement of water or storm lines, or any addition of a new sanitary line, that the financial burden for this should be shared equally by each cottage leaseholder.

New Cottages (Buildable Lots)

The Board also felt it was better to impose a fee on the “buildable” lots only in the case that they are ever used to build upon. We did not want to penalize anyone for holding on to their greenspace and skew the assessment collection for a capital improvement we all share.

To handle this, the Board intends to institute a “tap in fee” for any new construction. The Board will propose a change to the Building Rules and Regulations next year.

The formula currently under consideration is:

Total cost of Infrastructure Project
divided by
(current number of cottages + 1)

See the October 2016 Resolution at the end of the Board Minutes for a more official declaration of the Infrastructure Reserve fund and how it will be used.

Next Year

When the Board reconvenes in the spring, we’ll see if there have been any changes in our ability to get a low interest rate loan. We’ll also work on a more detailed proposal for how to proceed forward.

The Board of Trustees

Posted 12 October 2016

October Sandscribes Published

Click here.

Posted 11 October 2016

Deciding the Assessment Method

Dear Community,

As I mentioned in my last letter to you, the Board is looking at the assessment formula we use here at Heidelberg Beach.

While we were discussing this on August 28th, we observed what a balanced cross section of the community that we had on the Board. By representing 25% of the cottages on the Board, with our 12 members, we have trustees covering the whole spectrum of “categories” under discussion. This really helps to keep all of us humble to the other points of view.

Land (lot) Valuations

Seven years ago, the Board modified the assessment formula because the lakefront land values had increased at a dramatically disproportionate rate to the rest of the property. Land valuations were removed from the assessment formula.

Cottage Valuations

The cottage tax valuations were left in the formula as a way to differentiate between the small cottages and the large ones. The assumption being that these tax valuations would roughly correspond to the market value proportions (i.e. a bigger or newer cottage would be taxed more than a smaller or older cottage).

With the possibility of increasing our assessments to build up an infrastructure reserve, the Board took another look at this.

The way that Erie County has valued cottages over the last decade has been completely haphazard. Some cottages have never been re-valued (or even increased for inflation)—and others have had more recent adjustments, putting them more in line with today’s values. Some cottages with new additions or improvements have had taxes raised significantly—while others have been passed over. There is actually little correspondence to what you would expect a particular cottage to be assessed.


In the charts below, two cottages are compared that had similar valuations over a decade ago. None of these cottages have had any improvements done.

The first chart compares two non-lakefront cottages; the second chart compares two lakefront cottages.

Valuation Trends at Heidelberg Beach

As you can see, unfortunately, the cottage valuations are not functioning in our assessment formula as planned. There is no rhyme or reason for the huge valuation swings shown in these charts, or for numerous other inequities across our property.

Removing Cottage Valuations from our Formula

As a result, at our last meeting on August 28th, the Board voted unanimously (11-0) in favor of removing the cottage valuations as a part of our assessment formula.

The Next Step

The Board is now considering exactly how to structure the assessment formula. We have several options under consideration, and hope to make a decision at our next meeting on October 3rd.

We also plan to finalize the budget for 2017—and most specifically, vote on the proposal to start saving money for an infrastructure reserve.

I hope you will continue to share your feedback. These are not easy issues to deal with or decisions to make—so let’s just keep the dialog going.

All 12 of us are grateful for your support.

Jane Chidester,

Posted 13 September 2016

Season Wrap-Up

A few reminders as everyone begins to shut down for the winter:

  • Remove all containers, boats, and objects from the beach, and store at your cottage for the winter. The winter storms can blow these things around, or break apart the containers and spread the contents across the beach. Please do this before mid-October, which is when we have the beach bank cut down.
  • Shut off your water if you leave your cottage unattended for long periods of time.
  • The dumpster pickups will be reduced to every other week, starting October 1st.
  • The dumpster will be locked from November 1st through April 30th.

Posted 13 September 2016

Volunteer Sought: Street Signs

The Board is looking for a volunteer to research either rehabilitating or replacing our neighborhood street signs. It was noted at the Annual Meeting that most of them are leaning significantly. We’d like to have someone look into this, present a solution to the Board, and implement the project. Please contact Jane Chidester if you are willing to help.

Posted 13 September 2016

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Been meaning to post a picture of this all summer. In the late spring the court was beautifully redone. Thank you to Ruth Schneider and all who helped out with this effort!

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Posted 13 September 2016

August 28th Board Minutes and September Sandscribes Published

Click here for the Board Minutes. Click here for the Sandscribes.

Posted 13 September 2016

Car Break-In

Be aware we’ve had another car vandalism event here at Heidelberg Beach: at the Corrigan Cottage (89 Michigan). It happened overnight last night (Monday, September 5th). In an unlocked car, money was taken—but credit cards and electronics were left behind (but thrown to the ground).

If you have any information, please let us know. There were lots of guests here over the weekend—though most had cleared out by yesterday evening.

We all get lax with the comfort of our neighborhood—so this is a good (and sad) reminder to keep car doors locked and cottage doors locked.

UPDATE: Just learned of another event that happened about two weeks ago at the Murray Cottage (8 Pennsylvania). Someone was trying to get into the trunk of one of their vehicles. The perpetrator got the trunk open, but the dog heard the commotion and scared whoever it was away. It happened around 9 P.M.

Posted 6 September 2016

Annual Meeting Follow-Up

Dear Community,

Thank you for the wonderful attendance at the July 30th Annual Membership Meeting. It was heartwarming to have so much participation. Those that were there can tell you that it was respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas. It is clear that we all care deeply about the community and each other.

One topic that did not end up getting too much discussion was the issue of the method of assessment for our upcoming savings towards a future infrastructure project.

The Board is getting more feedback after the meeting that community members would like us to re-look our current method.

Our current method is:

  • 1/3 of the total is divided by the number of lots (98)
  • 1/3 of the total is divided by the number of cottages (48)
  • 1/3 of the total is divided up by the tax valuations of the cottages (not land value)

If you would like to weigh in with your thoughts on what you’d like to see the Board do—you may talk to any one of the Board members—or better yet, write me a note or email and I will share it with the full Board.

We intend to discuss assessment method at our next Board Meeting, which is scheduled for August 28th.

Thank you again for your concern and understanding about the difficult decisions that are before us.

Jane Chidester,

Posted 14 August 2016

August 2016 Sandscribes Published

Click here.

Posted 14 August 2016

Annual Meeting and Board Minutes

Click here for the minutes of the 30 July 2016 Annual Membership Meeting, and here for the minutes of the Board meeting that followed immediately afterwards.

Posted 8 August 2016

US Route 6 Closure

Beginning Monday, August 1st, US Route 6 will be closed just west of Hahn Road (near the Cranberry Creek Marina) for a culvert replacement and construction of a retaining wall. Hahn Road will also be closed to through traffic.

The local detour route for eastbound traffic is US 6 to State Route 61, south on State Route 61 to Darrow Road, east on Darrow Road to Frailey Road, north on Frailey Road back to US 6. Reverse this if you're heading from Heidelberg Beach to Berardi's or Marconi's restaurants. ;-)

The road is expected to reopen October 14, 2016.

Official announcement here.

Posted 29 July 2016

New Parking Sign

Many thanks to Jan Peer for the new parking sign on the Promenade (it's in front of the new bulletin board). The current sign is a temporary one; a permanent sign is in the works.

The idea of parking in two rows to the right of the sign is to keep the path clear for traffic and beach access, to respect the private lot to the west of the path, and to fit as many vehicles as possible in that area.

New Parking Sign

Posted 25 July 2016

Annual Meeting Information

Dear Community,

I wanted to give you a brief update on the infrastructure investigation prior to the Annual Meeting on July 30th.

The Board’s actions to date:

  1. Last fall we hired OHM Advisors to create a Feasibility Study, which was the document we used “to shop” for financing and grants. We commissioned OHM to give us a general plan, a preliminary estimate, and help us find the funds to accomplish this big task. These were our parameters:

    1. Give us a dollar figure to work with when approaching agencies ($2.5 million).
    2. Assume we will build using Erie County codes and regulations so that we could hand over maintenance of the system to them in the future.
    3. Labor would be calculated using prevailing wages.

  2. After much investigation and effort by many people, no outside funding was obtained.

    1. We are not eligible for grants or any other “free” money sources.
    2. We were unable to partner with Erie County and secure low-interest financing.
    3. Obtaining a regular bank loan has proven to be too expensive.

  3. The Board is now re-looking at this project knowing we will have to finance it and maintain it ourselves. We’ll have to break the project into stages to spread the cost out and make it more affordable. We are getting updated estimates from OHM based on this new direction. The expectation is that this will reduce the cost significantly.

    1. We’ll probably do the water system first. We’ll consider running the lines down the grass paths, if it is cheaper. We’ll also stay on one water meter and not individually meter cottages, to save cost as well.
    2. We’ll probably delay the sanitary lines until we finish the water. For the septic tanks that are failing, we’ll try to work with the Health Department to get permission for cottage owners to replace them.

The Board’s next steps:

  1. At the Board’s fall budget meeting, we plan to vote to approve a moderate increase in assessments using our standard assessment method. We need to collect enough money to cover the detailed design phase (generation of actual engineered drawings) of whichever component we decide start with. We need to initially raise approximately $50,000. This is roughly $1,000 per cottage, collected as a $500/per half assessment in 2017.

  2. When we get revised estimates from OHM, the Board will consider how to collect the needed money in 2018 and beyond. The Board is aware that the project cost remains a major concern to many—and it is a major concern of the Board. We want to keep the increases to a reasonable amount.

  3. When we get to the detailed design phase, the final decisions will be made about exactly where to lay the lines, the size and material of pipes, location of fire hydrants, etc. We will work together with the Erie County Engineer, OHM, and several contractors to come up with a plan that is both cost efficient and meets our needs.

  4. When we believe we have enough money to cover the cost of one component, we’ll bid the project out to at least three contractors. We expect this step won’t happen for a few years.

At the Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 30th at 10 AM at the Pavilion, we will go over all of this information, with some expanded detail. We’ll encourage a discussion on the initial planned increase in assessments—and any other questions anyone has regarding the infrastructure project.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible! If you cannot come, please fill out a proxy form and give it someone who is attending, so they can vote for the new Board Trustees on your behalf.

Jane Chidester,
Heidelberg Beach Association

Posted 23 July 2016

Board Minutes

Click here for the July 16th Board Minutes.

Posted 23 July 2016

Pavilion Rehabilitation

After months of careful planning and organizing, David Rohrbaugh (30 W. Virginia) very cleverly orchestrated the execution of the painting of the pavilion. Like Tom sawyer, on Thursday evening (July 14), quite a few people showed up to help tape off areas and sand the wood. Friday morning at 10 AM, there ready to paint were Claudia and Jeff Springer, Nancy and Tom Lukens, Linda and Cliff Glaviano, Cathy and Jack Corrigan, Tom Eshelman, Mary Border, and the Rohrbaughs: Jennifer, Barbara, Jane and David.

Many, many, thanks to all of those who helped get this project done. It looks beautiful!

2016 Pavilion Rehabilitation

2016 Pavilion Rehabilitation

2016 Pavilion Rehabilitation

2016 Pavilion Rehabilitation

Posted 19 July 2016

Pavilion Services: July 17 & 24 Information

Please come to welcome back Rev. Jane Ellen Nickell this Sunday, July 17, as she leads us in worship at 10:00 A.M. at the Pavilion. She joins us from Meadville, PA where she is Campus Chaplain at Allegheny College. Jane Ellen not only enjoys Heidelberg Beach for the beautiful place of worship that it is, but also enjoys visiting with her friends Ellen and Josh Nolan, who are the daughter and son-in-law of Barb and Joe Tereshko.

Stay after the service to visit and enjoy refreshments provided by Anne Hamilton.

On Sunday, July 24, Rev. David Timm will lead us in worship. Rev. Timm is the minister of Jan and Craig Peer's home church, Royal Redeemer in North Royalton, OH. As in past years, members of their choir and bell choir will enhance our music that morning, and members of their church will worship with us.

Please come to worship, and visit afterward while enjoying refreshments provided by Mary Border.

Click here for the full schedule.

Jane Eshelman,
CCWW Co-chair

Posted 11 July 2016

Nominations for the Board of Trustees

Rick Herwerden’s term has ended this year—many thanks for his service!

There are three incumbents this year, all up for re-election: Brice Chidester, Tom Eshelman, Jan Peer.

Jack Corrigan, Harvey Foote, Aaron Hamilton, and Dick Henderson are the additional nominees.

If you need a proxy for the Annual Meeting, please click here.

Posted 7 July 2016

Pavilion Painting

Barbara Weber is managing the effort to re-paint the Pavilion. She’d appreciate volunteer help on Friday, July 15th at 10 AM.

They will have a professional spraying the ceiling, but need help with the work on the knee walls. Please bring large tarps, brushes, and rollers.

If they do not complete everything on Friday, they’ll work from 9 AM to Noon on Saturday, July 16th. If rain becomes a factor, they will continue the work on July 22nd (and possibly the 23rd).

Posted 5 July 2016

New Community Bulletin Board

We have a new community bulletin board with the summer Pavilion Schedule permanently posted. There is also a little room for general posts—please contact Claudia Springer to get something posted.

Many thanks to David Lackey for his expert carpentry and installation of this beautiful information center.

New Community Bulletin Board

Coming soon will be a new parking sign. Please note that we would like to keep cars to the Right of the bulletin board. The path to the beach between the lot line trees should be kept clear of cars, as should the private lot to the left of the path.

Posted 5 July 2016

2nd Town Hall to Discuss Infrastructure

As everyone knows the Board has been actively investigating how to solve our infrastructure issues.

The first Town Hall Meeting was held on May 28th and was well attended. 25 of the 48 cottages were represented—thank you for coming!

The second Town Hall is scheduled for Saturday, July 16th, at 1 PM—held in Community Room A in the basement of Ritter Library.

There will be an opening presentation, and then group discussion. Come early to grab some cookies & coffee before you find a seat.

Please try to attend if you did not make the first one.

If you attended the first Town Hall, you are more than welcome to come again—we are working hard to have some answers to the big questions.

Leaseholders are welcome to bring involved (adult) members of their families.

Jane Chidester, President

Posted 5 July 2016

Summer 2016 Sandscribes Published

Click here.

Posted 5 July 2016

Pavilion Services Beginning

Worship by the Lake—don’t miss out on one of the best gifts Heidelberg Beach has to offer! Come every Sunday, July 3 - Sept. 4, to the Pavilion by the Lake, where generations of family members and friends have worshiped. Worship was the main focus for establishing Heidelberg Beach, and Sunday worship services have been provided continuously since those early days.

The 2016 season of worship will begin on July 3, at 10:00 A.M. Rev. Jim Dumke will lead us in worship, and Dawn Dumke will provide refreshments after the service, while we visit with each other.

On Sunday, July 10, Rev. Randy K'Meyer will deliver the message he prepared for Bob Koester's Memorial Service one year ago. Inclement weather and time restrictions prevented his message from being shared that day, but now we will remember Bob Koester's years as part of the Heidelberg Beach community as Rev. K'Meyer shares his message with us one year after Bob's passing (which was July 11, 2015). Jane, Mary and Barbara Chidester will be hosting refreshments after the service.

Click here for the full schedule.

Jane Eshelman,
CCWW Co-chair

Posted 29 June 2016

Board Minutes

Click here for the May 21st Board Minutes.

Posted 25 May 2016

Invoices Mailed

The Second Half Real Estate Tax and Assessment invoices have been mailed with a due date of June 18th. Please contact Dick Castele (216-221-6358 or if you have any questions.

Posted 24 May 2016

Social Hour Host/Hostesses for Summer 2016

If you are interested in hosting one of the social hours following church on Sunday during this summer, please contact Linda Glaviano at 419-344-6059 (text or call) or at

The first service is scheduled for July 3rd and the last on Sept. 4th. Dates include July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st. During August, services will be held on August 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. The only service in September is on the 4th.

All you need to do is set up the table in advance, make coffee and provide another beverage and a snack. There are crates in the pavilion for anything else that you might need including the coffee, coffee pot, condiments and paper goods.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your help.


Posted 22 May 2016

Hello Spring!

A big Thank You to all of the volunteers who manage items on the Community Task List. Everyone appreciates the care and love that is put into maintaining our neighborhood year-round!

Jan Peer is again leading the charge this year to get the beach in shape for the season. Please come to help (and bring your young, strong children ;-) on Saturday, May 21st at 10 AM. If that is a bad weather day, the work will be moved to Saturday, May 28th. We will keep people informed as the time gets closer.

Harvey Foote could also use your help gathering up sticks and twigs around the grounds in preparation for mowing. Please collect them at the base of a nearby large tree. If you see him around with his trailer, please help him load the sticks too!

Many thanks to Jeff Belmont who spent his winter sanding and painting the pier benches. He had the stairs professionally sandblasted and coated. The “new” benches and stairs will be installed later in the spring.

Please, as always, keep an eye out for each other and enjoy this early part of the season!

Posted 6 April 2016

Dumpster Schedule

Starting the 1st of May the dumpster will be unlocked for the summer season and will be picked up twice weekly.

Posted 6 April 2016

Corinne’s Castle Too!

The new playset was installed late last fall so not everyone may have seen it yet. Please watch your children while playing, and also instruct your kids to “be kind” to the new equipment.

Posted 6 April 2016

Board Minutes

Click here for the April 2nd Board Minutes.

Posted 6 April 2016

Nominations for the Board

If you’d be willing to volunteer your time on the Board of Trustees—please let Rick Herwerden know.

Posted 6 April 2016

First Sandscribes of 2016

Click here.

Posted 6 April 2016

Meetings to Discuss Infrastructure Plans

As everyone knows the Board has been actively investigating how to solve our infrastructure issues. We plan to hold two Town Hall meetings to share the progress and discuss the options. Please try to attend at least one of these dates. Leaseholders are welcome to bring involved (adult) members of their families.

The first meeting will be held on Memorial Day Weekend—Saturday, May 28th, at 1 PM. We’ve reserved Community Room A in the basement at Ritter Public Library. There will be an opening presentation, and then group discussion.

The second Town Hall is scheduled for Saturday, July 16th, at 1 PM—also held in Community Room A in the basement of Ritter Library.

We will be shifting the Annual Meeting to August this year to accommodate these Town Hall Meetings. That date has not yet been set.

Jane Chidester,

Posted 6 April 2016

Update on the Infrastructure Investigation

The difficult work has begun—we are doing our best to qualify for some low interest loans.

As indicated in the January 30th post below, representatives from OHM and Heidelberg Beach went to the Columbus meeting of agencies that offer funding. While that meeting did not have a direct benefit, it indirectly gained us a meeting with Erie County representatives. Representatives from OHM and Heidelberg Beach met with Erie County officials this past Tuesday (March 8th).

Because we are a private community, we need a government entity (like the county) to obtain funding for us. Erie County has submitted an application on our behalf for a water loan. In October we can submit an application for a wastewater loan. In the meantime, we and Erie County are exploring other options. Answers will probably take a little time, but the Board is continuing to move forward in this process.

The Board’s first meeting of the year will be April 2nd at 1 PM.

Posted 10 March 2016

Progress on the Infrastructure Investigation

As promised, we have the completed Feasibility Report to share.

The Board, along with their consultants, have reviewed the drafts and made a few decisions as to how to direct the final report. The headline points are:

  • It has long been talked about to use the easement in the north-south pathways between cottages for a future sanitary sewer. After reviewing several options and talking with local officials, we’ve determined the best approach is to put all three lines (water, sanitary, storm) under the roads. We should meet the separation and depth rules of those lines almost everywhere. We will be granted variances for the locations that may fall just shy of the 10’ separation requirement.

  • Because it is the best approach to have all of these lines under the roads, it is best to do the project all at once. In other words, we won’t just fix our aging water lines, but we’ll add sanitary sewers and new storm sewers at the same time. Aside from the additional cost to do these projects separately, no one wants to live through trenching up the roads multiple times.

  • As we’ve always suspected, our sanitary sewer will be a gravity line and will require a pump station. Happily, we can have a less expensive exterior pump station (versus a building with a pump station inside—see Appendix A in the Feasibility Report for a picture). It will be located just off of Rt. 6 near Mr. Brown’s property—and it will be hidden in the woods from our view!

  • It was also decided that Heidelberg Beach could (and should) turn over maintenance of the new infrastructure to Erie County instead of privately maintaining it ourselves. In order to do that we need to comply with standard codes (not a bad thing) and install individual water meters on cottages (also not a bad thing). The roads however will still have to be maintained by us.

The Board believes that most everyone at Heidelberg Beach would agree that our 1930 era infrastructure needs to be replaced. It is the right thing to do for our future, and the next generations. The real pain factor is the money, of course.

The Next Step: To that end, the Board is doing their best to explore every avenue of obtaining outside grants and low interest loans. The Board has voted to hire OHM to present our project to a special group of companies and organizations that specifically help small communities find money for this kind of project. (See page 10 of the Feasibility Report).

OHM will represent us at the February 12th meeting of the SCEIG (Small Communities Environmental Infrastructure Group) held at the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) in Columbus. The hope is to get a much better handle on possible funding for our project.

Stay tuned! ☺

Posted 30 January 2016

Invoices Mailed

The First Half Real Estate Tax and Assessment invoices have been mailed with a due date of January 25th. Except for the properties that had improvements made to them this past year, Erie County valuations remained the same as last year. In addition, Erie County tax assessments decreased slightly less than 1%.

In keeping with full transparency, this past year the Board approved a motion to list on the web site the full list of the community's assessments. See the list here.

Please contact Dick Castele (216-221-6358 or if you have any questions.

Posted 7 January 2016

Picture from Yesteryear

Thanks to Joyce Foote for this wintery picture of the old mailboxes. This may be all the snow we get to see this year. ;-)

Old-time photo of the entrance mailboxes in winter

Posted 7 January 2016

Update on Infrastructure Investigation

Just keeping you in the loop…

We received a (very) rough draft just before Thanksgiving of the Feasibility Report that the civil engineering firm OHM has been working on. We expect more answers and a complete report early in the new year. Stay tuned. :-)

Jane Chidester,

Posted 4 December 2015

Final Sandscribes of 2015

Click here.

Posted 4 December 2015

Dumpster Locks

We will be putting the locks back on the dumpster soon—so please pull out your keys for the winter months!

Posted 15 November 2015

Entrance Area Face Lift

Just wanted to share a few pix from the recent effort to “spruce up” (pun intended :-o) the entrance area.

We have 4 new Canaan Fir trees (2 east and 2 west of the entrance road). Fred Yost helped us find these trees at a special nursery in Wooster that has been developing them for Ohio. They are a Canadian import and cold weather is not a problem for them. These adorable trees have kitten-soft needles and smell like Christmas. Many thanks to Kara & Brice Chidester, Dick Castele & Carolyn Leitch, Barbara Chidester, Mary Chidester, and John & I, who covered this cost.

New canaan Firs at entrance, west of entrance road

New Canaan firs at entrance, east of entrance road

Thank you to Dan Warder who gave the “Heidelberg Beach” sign across the bridge the same look as the Rt. 6 signage—now we are color coordinated!

New colors for entrance sign

Finally, John & I spent some weekends taming the wilds in the Rt. 6 entrance bed. The huge grasses were over taking our beautiful Blue Backeri trees, so we replaced them with a dwarf grass variety, added some decorative rocks, replaced the diseased roses, and added some daisies.

Front view of revamped entrance landscaping

Rear view of revamped entrance landscaping

Hope you enjoy these landscaping updates!

Posted 15 November 2015

Septic Tanks with Aeration

It appears that Erie County is implementing a program of inspection and maintenance compliance for septic systems that have mechanical components such as an aeration pump. There are a few cottages here that have such a system, and you may (should) have received letters similar to this one received by Harry Bratton.

At this point we have not learned of any new policies on inspections of non-mechanical septic tanks.

Posted 4 October 2015

Board Minutes

Click here for the September 19th Board Minutes.

Posted 4 October 2015

Dumpster Repositioning

Working with our dumpster service, we have repositioned the dumpster for the off-season months. It is still located in the same area, but reoriented so the large trucks do not have to back up the steep Pennsylvania hill in the slick winter months. We’ll move it back in the spring so that it is tucked behind the fence and trees for summertime.

The pickup schedule is also changing as of October 1st, the dumpster will only be emptied twice a month (instead of twice a week). The locks will be put back on the side doors sometime in mid-October—so get ready to pull out your dumpster keys again for the off-season months. Thank you!

Posted 28 September 2015

Another Sinkhole!

After the heavy rains last week, another sinkhole opened up on our property, this one near the south end of Pennsylvania Road, just west of the roadway, about halfway up the big hill. The hole was about three or four feet deep!

A crew from Franklin came out today to investigate and repair. It turns out that, years ago, the gas line (orange, below) was installed right through the middle of the storm sewer (hence breaking the sewer line). Over the years the soil washed away, until finally the sinkhole formed.

Franklin crew on site for repair

Completed excavation

Gas line passing through storm sewer (broken sewer line has been removed)

Storm sewer repaired; gas line now passes underneath rather than through.

Posted 9 September 2015

Corinne's Castle Too!

Workmen came out today and installed the new playground equipment. It's gorgeous, has great colors to blend well with the area, is very sturdy, and has a plethora of features to explore! Thanks again to all the generous contributors and workers who made this possible!!!

Volunteers needed ... some children to come and playtest the new equipment! :-) Who will be the first to use it?

Workmen assembling new playground equipment

Corinne''s Castle Too!

Posted 9 September 2015

New Board Minutes and Sandscribes

Click here for the August 22nd Board Minutes.

Click here for the August 31st Sandscribes.

Posted 26 August 2015

Infrastructure: Taking the First Step

Dear Community,

As you will read in the Board Minutes from July 25th, the Board created a special Task Force to begin investigating our options for dealing with our aging infrastructure. With the great expertise of Jeff Springer (a retired property developer), the Task Force interviewed four civil engineering firms.

At the August 22nd Board meeting, the Board accepted the Task Force’s recommendation to hire OHM Advisors in Brecksville, Ohio to investigate our options.

Over the next few months OHM will work with Heidelberg Beach to assess our situation and develop a report for us that will outline our options, sources of funding, and costs. They will work on an hourly basis with a maximum cap of $8,900. This cost will be covered from our reserved cash fund for Sewer Improvements (i.e. no new assessments).

Assuming we get a good plan and good funding, what would be next?

If we get a feasible plan from OHM and the Board approves moving forward, we’d then hire someone to do the actual construction plan and engineered drawings. The assumption is that we’ll develop a good working relationship with OHM, but we can re-bid this next step in the process to another civil engineering firm if we want to.

We expect that full blueprint plans will cost us perhaps $30,000 to $50,000. We’ll need to save some more money for that—we just aren’t sure if grant funding would cover this yet. We’ll be discussing this at our budget meeting on September 20th.

If we’ve moved to this step, the engineering firm we are working with will prepare the bids for the actual contractors to complete the project.

Evaluating the options presented to us, drawing the plans, bidding out to contractors, preparing to get ready for this—we expect all of this will take at least a year of planning—assuming there are no hitches along the way.

The Board will continue to keep you updated. Questions and feedback are always welcome—and thank you for your support. This is very daunting, but also very exciting to be caring for Heidelberg Beach for the generations to come.

Jane Chidester,

Posted 26 August 2015

Community Task List

Since we are at the 1st Anniversary of implementing this system, we are going to take a checkpoint with everyone regarding their tasks. In the next few weeks our Secretary Tom Eshelman will send out individual email messages (or call) to confirm you are still willing to do the task you volunteered for, and ask if you need to choose something else. After he gets all of the feedback, we’ll re-advertise for volunteers for the open tasks.

Posted 26 August 2015

Beach Containers

As Labor Day weekend approaches, it is time again to start removing your storage containers from the beach. Please store them up by your cottage by the first of October. Fall and winter storms can blow them apart and scatter contents. Thanks so much!

Posted 26 August 2015

Cottage Winterizing Suggestions

Learning a few lessons from recent winters, just wanted to share a few suggestions as you are getting your cottages closed up for the season.

  1. If you do not fully winterize your cottage and drain all of the pipes, please do shut off the main water feed whenever you leave during the colder months. If a problem occurs with the water pipes, damage is minimized.

  2. If you leave your heat on during the winter, and want us to keep an eye out for furnace problems, please use a system where you install a temperature signal device on a lamp that you equip with a red light bulb. (Something similar to the Honeywell Winter Watchman pictured below that can be found at Home Depot.) Put the lamp in a window visible from the road so the red glow will grab our attention. In truth, it is difficult to read thermometers in windows as we are driving by—plus they can’t be read in the dark. ;-)

Honeywell Winter Watchman signal device

Posted 26 August 2015

Cottage and Family Histories

Just a reminder that Claudia Springer is our collection point for all things related to Heidelberg Beach history—cottage history, family history, and general history (formation of the Association, stories of events and people, etc.).

A form is available (Microsoft Word or PDF) to help outline your thoughts. You can also just send any information to

Posted 26 August 2015

Seminar on Lake Erie Water Quality

Thank you to Ellen Ewing, the Laboratory Manager at the National Center for Water Quality Research (NCWQR) at Heidelberg University for presenting an informative slide presentation on the work that the NCWQR does. (As many of you know, our local celebrity Jack Kramer formerly held this post. The photo of them below captures a moment in the early days of the lab.)

Early Days at the NCWQR (note local celeb)

The NCWQR has 18 testing stations around Ohio that covers 2/3 of our state’s watershed. Their primary focus of research is on tributary loading, but they also test many private wells from 17 different states. They are not funded by the University, but sustain their work on federal and state grants, and other private funding sources.

Ellen explained the history of findings and actions taken. These all center on the agricultural use of phosphorous—which is the primary issue dictating Lake Erie’s water quality. There are other factors, but the amount of phosphorus is the major contributor.

In recent years, the problem has been exacerbated by our increasing heavy rainfall events. In the last decade, the number of rainfalls in Ohio that exceed 2” has doubled. In terms of water quality, rain = bad.

You can read all about the work that the NCWQR does at this Web Site:

You can also read more specifically about the algae blooms on Lake Erie here:

(Make sure to click on the link for “The Heidelberg Story” at the top of the page.)

Posted 25 August 2015

Annual Meeting Minutes and Board Minutes

Click here for the July 25th Annual Meeting Minutes.

Click here for the July 25th Board Minutes.

Posted 7 August 2015

2015-2016 Board of Trustees and Officers

Thank you again to David Rohrbaugh for his recent service on the Board.

Welcome back to Dick Castele and Barbara Weber—and welcome to Mary Chidester and Claudia Springer. All of the officers from last year were re-elected to their current posts. See the chart for the complete list of Board Members and their terms.

We have a challenging year ahead of us and appreciate your continued support and understanding as we work through the issues facing us. Your feedback is always welcome. We’ll continue to keep you informed as we navigate the opportunity to improve Heidelberg Beach for generations to come. Thank you again for your trust and confidence.

Posted 7 August 2015

More Playground Equipment Information

Thank you to everyone for all of the enthusiasm and support for upgrading Corinne’s Castle playground.

After much investigation, those involved in the selection are focusing on Weaver Playsets, which are made in Ohio. The local dealer is very close by (just south of the Kalahari) if you’d like to go take a look at the playsets they have set up.

The prices range from $2800 to $4200 depending on the size and accessories selected. There is also opportunity to negotiate on “floor models.” Either way, this includes professional installation.

$1600 has been collected, with additional promises of contribution. If you would like to contribute monetarily, send a check (made out to Joe or Barb Tereshko) to 8740 Avery Road, Broadview Heights, OH 44147. If you want to donate cash and cannot find Joe or Barb here at the beach, you can drop it off to Jane Chidester at 82 Indiana Road.

Joe and Barb also welcome any opinions on which playset, or which colors, you’d like to see. Please let them know your opinions or donations soon so decisions can be made. Thank you!

Posted 31 July 2015

Advance Review of Financial Report

Before Saturday’s Annual Meeting, copies of the Financial Statement and Treasurer’s Report are available for review.

Posted 21 July 2015

Take a Book—Return a Book

The Heidelberg Beach Little Free Library book exchange was installed over the weekend of July 11 behind the Will Ossman cottage at 99 Ohio Road. The library joins the Little Free Library non-profit organization comprised of over 25,000 Little Free Libraries around the world. Founded in Wisconsin in 2005 by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, its mission is "to promote literacy and the love of reading and to build a sense of community by sharing skills, creativity and wisdom across generations."

Heidelberg Beach residents and their guests are welcome to stop by to browse the collection, and to take or leave a book!

For further information feel free to contact Will Ossman or Linda or David Lackey or visit

P.S. Folks who have large collections of books they would like to see put to good use are encouraged to explore options provided by Better World Books at They offer free shipping for book donations as well as drop off locations in and around most major cities.

The new Little Free Library at Heidelberg Beach

Posted 14 July 2015

Current Pipe Projects Done!

After much puzzling, and then sending a camera up both of the pipes on the right side of the first picture below, we’ve determined that the right top pipe is defunct and hasn’t been used for years. The mystery of course is what it was, but when we sent the camera up it went through cob webs and eventually was obstructed by some breakdown.

So, this gave us the opportunity to simplify the fix and just connect the pipe we knew was draining W. Virginia. We also thoroughly snaked and cleaned out the entire length of the W. Virginia storm/sewer drain again—a lot of sludge had collected since its cleaning last year. We hope our recent fixes will slow down that process.

The cracked Y section removed. The top pipe on the right is no longer used.

The cracked Y section removed. The top pipe on the right is no longer used.

The repair in place

The repair in place.

Posted 14 July 2015

Playground Remodeling

Calling all grandparents... ☺

With the blessing of the Schuman family, the Board has asked Barb & Joe Tereshko to lead an effort to upgrade Corinne’s Castle to Version 2.0! The other historic items (car and climbing bars) will remain in place.

Barb & Joe are looking into many options and sets, and intend a high quality, durable, no-maintenance structure.

If you’d like to support this effort, please contact Barb & Joe with your donation by August 1st. This will not be inexpensive, so they are grateful for any contributions!

Posted 11 July 2015

Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday, July 25th
10:00 AM at the Pavilion

Please come a few minutes early to get checked in, deliver any Proxy Forms, and receive your ballots.

This year we thank David Rohrbaugh for his service to the Board and submit the following candidates for the Board of Trustees (4 positions to fill):

Dick Castele (Incumbent)
Nancy Lukens (Incumbent)
Barbara Weber (Incumbent)
Mary Border
Mary Chidester
Aaron Hamilton
Claudia Springer

A Board Meeting will immediately follow the Annual Meeting and a Community Potluck will be held in the evening. See the Community Calendar for Details.

Posted 11 July 2015

2015 “State of the Union”

Since we have evolved into sharing the work of the community by having individual or family volunteers for specific tasks, we will not have the usual presentation of “Committee Reports” that we have done in prior years. Everyone who would like an opportunity to speak is most welcome, but we’ll organize the meeting a little differently this year. Outline of the meeting below.

Looking forward to seeing as many members as possible at the Annual Meeting!

Jane Chidester

2015 Annual Meeting Agenda

Roll Call and Ballot Distribution: Prior to meeting’s start. Please check in with the Secretary upon arrival at the Pavilion.

Jeff Springer: Opening Prayer.

President: Welcome message.

Secretary: Confirm that a Quorum is present to conduct business. Entertain a motion to dispense with reading the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes and approve them.

President: Presentation of the Board, new nominees, a call for additional nominations, appointment of tellers, and call to vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Castele

President: Accomplishments and happenings of this last year.

There will also be focused discussions on the following topics:

  • Conversion from Committees to Community Task List.

  • Increase in water main breaks and plans to repair our aging infrastructure.

  • Plan to revise the General Rules over the next year.

All: Anyone who would like to announce anything or raise any issues.

Tellers: Announcement of new Board Members.

President: Closing Comments and Adjournment.

Posted 11 July 2015

New Sandscribes and Board Meeting Minutes

Click here for the July 11th Sandscribes.

Click here for the July 5th Board Minutes.

Posted 11 July 2015

Sinkhole Problem Fixed

Franklin was out today and fixed the problem that caused the sinkhole. The damaged section of pipe was cut out, and a splice put in place.

After that was fixed, they turned their attention to another problem left over from last year: something broken or obstructing the storm drain somewhere near the south end of West Virginia. After excavating, the problem was quickly found: a broken juncture at an old, makeshift "Y" junction.

Franklin will be back to repair this problem, but it's unclear when—they need to collect some parts. In the interim, we have barricaded the area.

The cracked section removed

The cracked section removed.

The repair in place

The repair in place.

The crack in the storm sewer at the south end of West Virginia

The crack in the storm sewer at the south end of West Virginia.

Our new barricade on West Virginia

Our new barricade on West Virginia.

Posted 8 July 2015

Sinkhole Cause Found

Franklin was out today and found the problem that caused the sinkhole. (Yay!)

We originally suspected a water line break, but it turned out to be a break in the storm sewer line. Especially with the heavy rains we've experienced lately, water was escaping from the storm line, dissolving dirt and clay, and then carrying the solution out to the creek. Eventually, enough dirt was washed away that when the pavement warmed up in the sunshine, it sank.

Franklin will be back tomorrow (Wednesday the 8th) to finish the job, and also to fix the leak under the Warder hill.

The sinkhole before the work started

The sinkhole before the work started.

Our impromptu barricade

Our impromptu barricade.

Larry and Doug begin their work

Larry and Doug begin their work. The big black ridged tube near the truck's headlights is the massive vacuum cleaner they used to suck up dirt, clay, and water without danger of damaging any of the pipes or utilities.

The vacuum in action

The vacuum in action.

The vacuum in action

Your guide to the subterranean utilities under the sinkhole. The cracks were the culprit, allowing water to carry away the soil. No longer in use, the defunct storm drain line will be cut off and sealed, and a new splice will eliminate the "Y" at that location.

Posted 7 July 2015

Missing Shovel(s)

There was a shovel attached to the volleyball court post with a bungee cord with the name “Lukens” written on the handle. It is a short-handled spade used for scooping up dead fish. The shovel was last seen on the beach on Tuesday (June 30th).

The original shovel for the beach is also missing— is why Nancy & Tom put their personal shovel down there.

Please let them know if you’ve seen either of these shovels!

Posted 6 July 2015

First Pavilion Service of the 85th Season is this coming Sunday

Look for the 2015 Pavilion Schedule, which will be distributed to each Heidelberg Beach household during the week before July 4th. It will contain the information for each Sunday service, as well as the Pavilion Cleaning Crew for each Sunday. The same schedule has already been included in the last Sandscribes; the copy you will receive can be posted at your cottage. One will also be posted inside the Pavilion.

The 2015 Sunday services will begin on July 5, with Rev. James Dumke officiating. We hope all of you and your families will attend, and stay to visit after the service with refreshments hosted by Dawn Dumke and family. The Cleaning Crew for July 5 will be the Herwerdens, Dumkes, Brattons, Dunkles, and Hertzers. This will be a celebratory beginning of the 85th Season of Worship at Heidelberg Beach!

The Sunday Worship Services are a very important tradition and feature of our Heidelberg Beach community. They are certainly a joint effort from many volunteers of our HB family. Thanks to all who contribute throughout the season, to provide for this special worship opportunity. Don’t miss out on such a special gift!

See you on July 5 at 10:00 AM at the Pavilion!

Jane Eshelman

Posted 30 June 2015

Recent Storm: Many Thanks to those who helped clean it up!

After the rain storm last Friday (June 26), much trash, wood, and debris washed ashore. I understand that many folks pitched in to pick up, rake, and shovel the mess (I was blissfully away on vacation when this happened. ;-o ) We are all so grateful for the efforts to get things looking good again for the big July 4th weekend.

I’m sure there are more people to thank, but I understand that Carol and Dean Smith, Harvey, Herb, Aaron, and Nancy were integral to getting this icky job done. Thank you so much!!!

Beach Mess of June 2015

Posted 30 June 2015

Summer Pavilion Services

Pavilion Services begin on Sunday, July 5th.

Services start at 10:00 AM, followed by a Social Hour at 11:00 AM.

Click here for the complete summer schedule listing the ministers, cleaning crews, and Social Hostesses. Please also review the Pavilion cleaning procedures.

Many thanks to the CCWW for all of their hard work in putting all of this together!

Posted 13 June 2015

Summer Social Events

The Social Events committee will again host hot dogs on the beach and some evening movie nights at the Pavilion. The dates of these events will be announced closer to when they will happen so weather forecasts can be monitored.

Posted 13 June 2015

New Sandscribes and Board Meeting Minutes

Click here for the June 7th Sandscribes.

Click here for the May 24th Board Minutes.

Posted 13 June 2015

Interested in Running for the Board?

Please contact David Rohrbaugh if you have any interest in running for the Board of Trustees for the 2015-2018 term.

Posted 2 June 2015

Be Aware: Ticks Being Found Here

You may have heard in the national news it is a "bad year" for ticks. Just wanted to alert you that several people here at the beach have also encountered ticks recently. So far, the ticks that have been found are wood ticks and not deer ticks. The wood ticks do not carry Lyme disease, but could cause infection. Here is a helpful YouTube video of how to remove a wood tick if it has attached to skin.

Wood Tick

Posted 2 June 2015

Second Half Year Invoices Mailed

Invoices for Assessments and Real Estate Taxes were mailed today. Payments are requested to be mailed back to the treasurer no later than June 26th, 2015. If you do not receive your invoice within a week, please contact Dick Castele at 216-221-6358 or

Posted 28 May 2015

Water Leak Repair

After weeks of trying to confirm we had a water leak, and then trying to figure out where it was leaking, we finally found it and got it fixed! You can follow the story in the pictures below.

During our earlier investigations, we found water entering on the west side of the manhole at the intersection of Ohio and Indiana Roads, so Franklin began digging there. When water started filling the hole that was being dug, we could see the flow was actually coming from the opposite direction—the water had just found the weaker side of the manhole to breach. So they started digging to the southeast and found the broken pipe. We believe this is the Indiana Road line. We never found the Ohio Road line—we are now guessing the junction is more to the northeast of the manhole.

The pipe had a hole on the underside. As they exposed it, and cleared the encrusted clay, the water began to squirt out even stronger—like a hose on full blast. They used a special sleeve clamp that encircled the pipe (covering the hole), and tightened it down with bolts.

After the repair was made and the water was turned back on, we tried another test where everyone here stopped using water and we watched the two meter dials. One barely moved, and the other did not. We think this means that we probably got the problem fixed. It is very possible there are other pinhole leaks around the neighborhood, but until they become bigger, we’ll never find them.

Luke from Franklin begins digging
Luke from Franklin begins digging

The leaking pipe
The leaking pipe

Cleaning the pipe in preparation for repair
Cleaning the pipe in preparation for repair

Applying the sleeve clamp
Applying the sleeve clamp

The clamp in place
The clamp in place

Filling the hole with gravel
Filling the hole with gravel

Posted 15 May 2015

Please Check Your Toilets

The crew at Franklin gave us a recommendation to have everyone check their toilets (by lifting the tank lid and looking inside). Apparently the #1 reason for high water bills is a toilet with a slow leak. This kind of leak can’t be heard (unlike a toilet stuck running). The situation occurs when the leak continually fills the tank so that the water breaches the top of the overflow tube.

Please watch for water silently cascading down your overflow tube

It would be great if everyone would check this out the next time they’re at their cottage, just to make sure we aren’t drawing extra water this way. Thank you!

Posted 15 May 2015

Board Minutes and Sandscribes

Click here for the April 25th Board Minutes. Click here for the first Sandscribes of 2015.

Posted 12 May 2015

Cottage Bug Spraying

I recently received two new recommendations for pest control services and wanted to share them for those interested in an alternative to “Dan the Pest” (Dan Hesch, 1-877-255-2847). I know that Dan’s reliability and reachability has been increasingly frustrating.

  • A few people are trying Peak Pest Control (Jeff Eichmuller, 440-554-0812) this year. It is a more expensive service, but the method is that only one spray application is needed.
  • The other recommendation is for Blevins Exterminating (Bob Wollerman, 440-406-0306). I believe Bob has some connection to Bill Richardson.

I also just found out that Dan had dropped spraying our community structures because the number of clients had decreased, so there is no benefit to Heidelberg Beach to continue to promote him. The Board will discuss hiring spraying of our community structures from another service.

For those who are still clients of Dan, he is still “here” and will continue to provide service as long as you desire. I know a few had paid for the 5-year package, which is still in force, and being honored.

I just wanted to acknowledge that finding a pest control service “for the community” has not worked out as hoped. I’m just sharing these alternatives as starting points so that you can individually investigate the service you would like.

Jane Chidester

Posted 12 May 2015

Beach Sand Clean-up: A Big Thank You!

As you can see from the pictures, lots of debris was gathered and cleaned up from the beach. Many thanks to Harvey and his impressive collection of machinery. Many thanks to Nancy & Jan for taking on this task for the community. Many thanks to those who gave up their Saturday morning to help (they look pretty hardy to me ;-). And future thanks to the crew at the Brown’s property who are coming to haul it away!

Beach Sand Cleanup Crew, 2015

Posted 27 April 2015

Reminder: Time for Spring Community Tasks

If you need to refresh your memory on what tasks you volunteered for, click here or on the Clipboard Icon in the navigation area at the left side of this post.

Remember that you can do your tasks at your convenience, and the desired "done by" date is listed by the task.

A few tasks left: We are still looking for volunteers to maintain the mulch bed for the main entrance sign and the mulch rings around this group of trees and this group of trees on the promenade. (Remember you can also volunteer to hire someone to do the work. :-)

Finally, the two volunteers who are managing the beach sand clean-up are planning to work on Saturday, April 25th. See the Community Calendar for details.

Posted 13 April 2015

Need your help in finding mystery water leak

We have gotten clues that we have another water main leak somewhere in the neighborhood but cannot locate the source of the problem.

Our winter water bills have been unusually high. We did trace some of the problem to a running toilet in one of the cottages. However, there has to be something else going on because the water meter "spins" even when no one is using water. (We’ve conducted a few tests since there are only a few of us here at the beach now.)

You can help by checking for anything unusual at your cottage when you are opening up. If you find any plumbing that has been leaking or any kind of water problem, please let Jane Chidester know.

Posted 10 April 2015

CCWW Seeks Hostesses/Hosts for Pavilion Service Social Hours

The Christian Work and Worship Committee would like to thank the many hosts and hostesses who have helped with the Social Hour following summer church services. The social hours have become a special time to catch up on news of friends and neighbors after worshiping together.

We are again looking for hosts and hostesses for 10 summer services for this season. The first social time is the weekend of July 4 and the last is Labor Day.

Items such as tablecloths and napkins are provided along with coffee, sugar, etc. The only thing that you need to do is set up in the morning before the church service, make coffee, provide a cold drink and refreshments. You can be reimbursed for the items that you purchase. If you are interested in hosting a social hour this summer, please contact Linda Glaviano. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 419-344-6059.

Posted by the Council of Christian Work and Worship

Posted 2 April 2015

Septic Tank Cleaning

Just for your information, septic tanks will be cleaned on Thursday and Friday of this week (April 2 & 3). The service provider will be Abel Sanitation again, and the price is held at $110 per tank.

Call Harvey Foote if you have any questions or concerns.

Posted 31 March 2015

Our Place, Heidelberg Beach

"Place beckons us with memories buried deep in our souls. Even when our place isn't perfect, its hold on us is dramatic, magnetic."

I recently read this thought about Place in a daily devotion booklet. Immediately, my thoughts were drawn to Heidelberg Beach, the Place that has this dramatic, magnetic hold on me. Heidelberg Beach is the Place that beckons me most as Home, because it has been a part of my life for all of my 68 years.

The one place within the Place called Heidelberg Beach, that beckons me most, is the northeast corner of the promenade, where sits the Place called the Pavilion. This worshipful place, with the wonderful view of Lake Erie, conjures thoughts of Sunday Services throughout my life shared with so many wonderful members of this community, and singing the great hymns of the past. It has always been the Place I feel that I am part of a wonderful, unique community, and enjoy not only the worship of those hours, but also the community spirit shared there. This Place was the primary focus of the group of Reformed ministers who had the vision of making this Place a place for Christian Worship and Community.

As we eagerly anticipate another joyful season at Heidelberg Beach, I encourage all in this community to think about the intent of our "founding fathers", and look forward to the opportunities of meaningful worship and communion with God that Our Place, Heidelberg Beach offers. We are all blessed to have this Place be a part of our lives. Sunday Worship Services will begin on July 5, and end on Sept 6.

Looking forward to being with all of you for another season,

Jane Eshelman
CCWW Chair

Posted 21 March 2015

First Half Year Invoices Mailed

Invoices for Assessments and Real Estate Taxes were mailed today. Payments are requested to be mailed back to the treasurer no later than February 6th. If you do not receive your invoice by the end of the week, please contact the treasurer, Dick Castele at 216-221-6358 or

Posted 13 January 2015

Board Meeting Minutes, 2015 Budget, and Sandscribes

Click here for the November 8th Board minutes.

Click here to see the approved 2014-2015 Budget.

Click here for the November 27th Sandscribes.

Posted 25 November 2014

Photos of Association Members

We have had lots of interest in having photos of leaseholders and their cottages as a part of our online Membership Directory so that people can learn the names and faces of their neighbors. We’ve started this effort and have a new Web page that is still in formation, but you can see what we have. Pictures of everyone’s cottages have been taken, but we have not uploaded them yet. We have some pictures of leaseholders, but will work next summer to “complete the set.” :-)

You can access this page from our “Association Documents” area or click on the new camera icons that are in the online Membership Directory. (There is only a camera icon if we have a picture of the leaseholder on this new Web Page.)

Posted 25 November 2014

New Pines in Entrance Area

We’ve planted 4 new white pines in the entrance area as a part of our effort to provide a visual screen and a sound buffer from Rt. 6. Thanks to Kara Chidester who donated funds for two of the trees, and to Mary Chidester who donated the other two trees. In the spring, we’ll be adding a few white spruces to the mix.

New Pines at the Entrance to Heidelberg Beach

Posted 25 November 2014


Click here for the October 1st Sandscribes.

Posted 30 September 2014

Reminder: Fall Work Tasks

Remember that there will be no Fall Work Day this year!

We are now handling the work of the community with permanent volunteers for each of the tasks. Click on the “Clipboard Icon” on the left side of this page to see the list.

Thanks to those who volunteered for fall tasks and have already completed them!

Thank you as well to everyone for their cooperation, participation, and patience as we try out this new system! Of course, and as always, please provide feedback and suggestions for improvement to the Board.

P.S. Also remember that it is time to get your storage containers up from the beach—thank you!

Posted 30 September 2014

Entrance Project

Bill Hertzer, Harvey Foote, and Herb Foote have re-seeded the entrance area hill. Many thanks to Bill Richardson and Mark Hayman who donated supplies for the project! The area is filling in, but has also experienced some damage due to recent heavy rains. The “boys” have promised to keep after this with attention and additional seed now and in the spring—they assure us it will soon be an entrance area that we can all be proud of again! Thank you!

Reseeding of Entrance Hill

Posted 30 September 2014

Ground Leveling at the Pavilion

With the help of Herb Foote, Harvey Foote, and Jane and Tom Eshelman, the CCWW has completed a project to level the uneven ground between the parking area and the Pavilion. The CCWW has been concerned about the ruts and holes that have made it hard for people on Sundays to walk from their cars to the Pavilion, and to socialize after the service, without twisting an ankle in one of the many holes in that area! Thank you!

Ground Leveling at the Pavilion

Posted 30 September 2014

Change in Dumpster Service and Handling

With special help from Sharon Chidester and Roger Nehls, the Board has made the decision to switch our dumpster service provider from Republic to FSI. Sharon initially began investigating a pick-up service for recyclables, but also ended up saving the beach a lot of money!

FSI does not have a recycling program yet, but intends to implement one, perhaps as early as next year. In the meantime however, FSI offered us a three year contract at nearly 50% off of Republic’s rates—so the Board decided to change service providers.

This will mean a few changes in how we handle things here—and hopefully all for the better.

FSI will provide us with just one dumpster, but it will be an 8-yard capacity. (We currently use two 4-yard dumpsters from Republic.) FSI’s dumpster will look like the one pictured below, and it will be lockable.

Example of a Lockable Dumpster

During the low use months (late fall, winter, early spring), we intend to keep it locked and provide keys to those that live here, or are regularly here. Our trash pick-up schedule will also be every other week (not weekly) since this dumpster is twice the size of our current one.

We intend to monitor usage closely. If we need to change the frequency of trash pick-ups, we can easily do that. Our hope is that for some of the cold months (when smell is not an issue) we could even go down to just once a month pick-ups—but this depends on how much extra usage we get from those coming up to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

During the busy months we will leave the dumpster unlocked and probably go to weekly trash pick-up. During the height of summer we will have twice a week trash pick-ups.

Those that live close by could also help us shave assessment dollars off our dumpster bill. If you come up for a quick weekend in the off-season and are able to drive your trash bag back home, that will help reduce our need for extra pick-ups.

The switchover will occur Monday, October 27th.

On that day, Republic will empty their dumpster for the last time (and hopefully get both dumpsters removed). FSI will set the new dumpster in place that day as well.

The first trash pick-up with the new dumpster will be Friday, November 14th. It will then continue every other Friday (November 28, December 12, December 26…etc.).

If you intend to come regularly through the winter and would like a key, please call or see Jane Chidester.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience as we make this transition!

Posted 30 September 2014

Board Meeting Minutes

Click here for the September 6th Board meeting minutes.

Posted 9 September 2014

Budget Requests

It is that time of year to contact the Treasurer, Dick Castele, with any budget requests you have for this fiscal year. Please have information to him by October 15th, 2015.

Posted 9 September 2014

Storage Containers on the Beach

Please remember to remove your containers from the beach for the winter.

Posted 9 September 2014

Building Committee Reorganization

The Board of Trustees has implemented a slight reorganization of the Building Committee. They have added David Rohrbaugh (30 W. Virginia) and Aaron Hamilton (68 Kentucky) to the group. Bill Hertzer will now co-chair with Aaron. Aaron will be the coordinator and communicator, and Bill will continue his role as an experienced chair.

If you are contemplating any construction projects at your cottage, don’t hesitate to contact Aaron and Bill. By involving the committee early in your planning process you will be assured timely approvals and smooth management of the project!

Everyone is familiar with David Rohrbaugh's construction expertise and knowledge. We are grateful that he’ll be sharing his wisdom on this committee.

Aaron Hamilton is also an experienced home improvement hobbyist, but he also brings wonderful technical and management skills to the table.

Thank you to Aaron and David for adding this new responsibility into your lives, and many thanks to Bill and the other dedicated members for doing this valuable and appreciated job for the benefit of all of us!

Aaron Hamilton, co-chair and coordinator
Bill Hertzer, co-chair
Dick Henderson
Rick Herwerden
Will Ossman
David Rohrbaugh
Char Schuman

Posted 9 September 2014

Storm Sewer Cleaning Update

As mentioned in an earlier post, we hired Franklin Sanitation to clear our storm sewers, starting with W. Virginia Road.

We were able to clear W. Virginia and Pennsylvania, but both have significant breaks at the south end of the roads (one in the Warder's hillside, one in the Hayman's). Water is flowing through to the creek, but these areas should be fixed so we don't create more blockages. We are working on getting estimates for this work.

We were unable to clear any of the other roads because either the manholes were not placed such that we could access what we needed to, or because we were afraid we were going to create a larger problem.

The picture below shows an example of one of the manholes where the water main pipe is laid directly on top of the storm sewer line. We could not get the snaking hose into these openings (that rectangular space below the pipe) without danger of snapping the water pipe.

As you can see with these storm sewer issues, and the recent water main breaks, our aging infrastructure is going to be a problem for our community to solve in the years to come.

Looking into a storm sewer on Kentucky Road

Posted 24 August 2014

Community Task List

Here it is! Take a look at the left menu bar on this page!

It is humbling how much work goes into a volunteer community like ours. The Board is so grateful for the time, energy, and talents that we give to each other here. Sharing and participating in the work to run the community is certainly one of the foundations that Heidelberg Beach was built on, and this legacy continues today.

A few notes to navigate the list:

  • The tasks from various committees have been folded into this list, and in some cases, the committees themselves. The Board decided that it was best to try to have all of this information in one place. If you notice something that is missing—let us know!

  • The list is color coded to try to make it a little easier to understand—the first peach colored page is the listing of either strictly fall season tasks, or tasks that are done in both fall & spring (as an example, there is an entry for putting out the beach signs in the spring and putting them away in the fall).

  • The tasks with no shading are ones that are not dictated by a particular season—for example painting and maintenance of signs and structures around the beach.

  • The pale green pages are all the things we do in the spring here to get ready for the summer season. Many of these tasks are something you’d do initially each spring, but then maintain throughout the year. An example of this is if you signed up to take care of one of our landscape beds—there would be initial work in the spring to clean up the bed, edge, and mulch it—but you would also generally tend it throughout the summer.

The hope is that when you sign up for something on the list that you will be responsible for that task for many years to come. We don’t intend to get different volunteers each year, but will of course fill vacancies if people need to change their assignments.

Please let us know where you are willing to donate your time and talents! (Send an email to

Thank you!

The Board of Trustees

Posted 15 August 2014

Board Meeting Minutes

Click here for the August 9th Board meeting minutes.

Posted 12 August 2014

Storm Sewer Problem on W. Virginia Road

Franklin Sanitation will be in the neighborhood on Friday, August 15th to clean out the storm sewer that runs down W. Virginia Road. We do not anticipate that this will impact anyone, but wanted you to be aware in case an issue comes up (such as possibly needing to shut off the water for a short time period). The Board has hired their services for a day, and if they clear W. Virginia Road and still have hours available, they will work to clear out some additional areas around the beach.

Posted 12 August 2014

Warning: Thefts Reported!

Be aware that thefts were reported at Heidelberg Beach sometime during the night of Sunday, August 3rd or the early morning of Monday, August 4th. A bicycle was taken from a yard, and an iPod and some loose change were stolen from an unlocked car.

We recommend care in securing your belongings at night, and ask for your help watching for suspicious characters or activity.

Posted 4 August 2014

Sandscribes and Meeting Minutes

Click here for the latest Sandscribes (August 4th Edition).

Click here for the Annual Meeting Minutes and here for the July 19th Board meeting minutes.

Posted 2 August 2014

Congratulations to New Board Members

Re-elected were Bill Hertzer and Bill Richardson. Newly elected were Jane Chidester and Scott Welch. Click here to see the complete roster of the Board of Trustees and Officers.

It’s an exciting time of opportunity here at Heidelberg Beach as we cherish and preserve our traditions and ties to the past, while simultaneously looking for efficiencies and improvements in the operations of our Association. I invite you all to make this a supportive dialog—talk with your Board members regarding your ideas and suggestions. Please let us know what’s working, too. I look forward to input from all of you. We appreciate and respect the faith you have put in us to do this job.

Jane Chidester, President

Posted 24 July 2014

A Few More Reminders...

  • There are a few places where people are parking their cars extremely close to the edge of the road, or having their bumpers overhang into the roadway. If possible, please make sure to keep the roadway clear—it makes it a tight squeeze and we don’t want anyone’s car to get damaged!
  • Remember when cleaning up after your dogs around the beach to also keep your own lots cleaned up because we are fenceless community!
  • We’ve had three recent incidents where large delivery trucks have run into our low hanging wires and pulled them off cottages or damaged the wires themselves. Whenever you have a construction truck or delivery truck come, please warn the drivers to watch for wires. If possible too, ask for the smallest trucks to make your deliveries.

Posted 24 July 2014

Thank you David Rohrbaugh

David Rohrbaugh (30 W. Virginia) once again spent his summer vacation with a hammer in hand. He has re-nailed all of the shingles on the bench covers because some of them had become loose. He also replaced the window in the pump house with a no-maintenance vinyl window. He came upon this perfect find earlier in the summer and was thrilled to have it fit exactly. Thank you David!

Posted 24 July 2014

Amendments to the By-Laws Passed at the Annual Meeting

When the changes to the By-Laws were made in 2008 defining term limits for the Treasurer and the Real Estate Officer, and allowing for these positions to not necessarily require Board Membership, a vulnerability was opened up for those that serve these positions. Board Members are indemnified under our Association’s insurance policy against personal liability in the case of lawsuit. Wording changes were made to ensure those that serve in the positions of Treasurer and Real Estate Officer are also covered under this insurance. These changes were approved at the Annual Meeting.

To see the current By-Laws, click here.

Posted 24 July 2014

Advance Review of Financial Report

Before Saturday’s Annual Meeting, copies of the Financial Statement and Treasurer’s Report are available for review.

Posted 15 July 2014

Voting Issues & Proxy Forms for the Annual Meeting

Four positions on the Board of Trustees need to be filled. The 2014-2017 nominees are:

Bill Hertzer (incumbent) Mary Border Aaron Hamilton
Bill Richardson (incumbent) Jane Chidester Claudia Springer

Mary Chidester
Scott Welch

By-Laws Change (vote yes/no to accept wording changes):

When the changes to the By-Laws were made in 2008 defining term limits for the Treasurer and the Real Estate Officer, and allowing for these positions to not necessarily require Board Membership, a vulnerability was opened up for those that serve these positions. Board Members are indemnified under our Association’s insurance policy against personal liability in the case of law suit. Wording changes are being suggested to ensure those that serve in the positions of Treasurer and Real Estate Officer are also covered under this insurance. The proposed wording changes are posted on the Web Site for review. Click here to see the yellow highlighted sections indicating proposed wording changes.

Proxy Forms:

Click here if you cannot attend the Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 19th, and would like to designate a proxy in your stead.

Posted 19 June 2014

June 17th, 2014 Sandscribes

Click here.

Posted 19 June 2014

June 14th, 2014 Board Minutes

Click here.

Posted 19 June 2014

Fire Pit Area

It appears that fires are being started in random locations on and around the beach and not being confined to the fire pit ring and designated area. A fire was recently started in the middle of the east path to the beach. Aside from the fact that it is a well-known rule not to do this, it is dangerous and inconsiderate. If you notice someone building a fire outside of the fire ring, please stop them.

Posted 19 June 2014

Dumpster Area

As those of you that were here know, someone dumped a room full of furniture in the dumpsters the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. This of course caused huge problems for everyone with their trash that weekend and for the two weeks afterwards as residents had to clean up all of the debris that fell off of and overflowed the dumpster.

We still continue to have objects deposited in the dumpsters that should clearly not be put in there—including recently, someone’s discarded sod!

There is not a person here at Heidelberg Beach that doesn’t know that the rule is bagged trash only. None of us wants to be in the position of having to be the “police” of the community and confront our neighbors who break the rules.

We are about to hit the major holiday weekend and weeks of the summer. Please make sure that your family and guests comply with proper dumpster etiquette.

HB Dumpster Overflow

Posted 19 June 2014

90th Season Jingles

In honor of celebrating Heidelberg Beach’s 90th Season, the Social Committee is looking for inspired and creative minds to help them to come up with some Burma-Shave-type jingles that include the phrase “Heidelberg Beach.”

When cares loom grim and large,
and peace seems out of reach,
escape the stress and strife,
and come to Heidelberg Beach.

Please contact Jan Peer ( or Claudia Springer ( with your poetry.

The Social Committee

Posted 16 June 2014

Beach Bible Talks

A couple of the Heidelberg Beach families (Peer, Springer, Warder) have decided to join together to have a bible study on a few Friday nights this summer. Our hopes are that it will be a fun time and a time of fellowship and of learning a bit more about the spiritual lives and interests of those who come.

We are going to meet at 8:00 PM, and we will quit on the dot at 9:30 PM. We will have dessert, a Heidelberg Beach special recipe each time. The dessert and fellowship time will be about 30 minutes, and then we will look at a familiar passage of Scripture for most of the rest of our time. We will probably close with praying for concerns that we know of in the Heidelberg Beach community. We desire that our times together will very much be a discussion and not a lecture. Each time we will share the discussion leadership.

The Friday nights that we will meet are: June 20, July 18 and August 1, 15, and 29.

We will meet at the Springers’ cottage: 52 Kentucky Road.

We realize that no one will probably be able to come to all of the studies. That is not a problem; come if you can. Even if you only can come to one or two, we will enjoy being together for those one or two.

Obviously, it is casual. Come on, this is Heidelberg Beach. Everyone is welcome.

In the 90 years that Heidelberg Beach has existed there are no doubt many wonderful stories of spiritual learning and growth, of fellowship and spiritual encouragement that have happened. We are just hoping to add to those stories, to add to that heritage.

If you know in advance that you are coming, you might let us know, so we can have a head count on the dessert, but if you only are able to come at the last minute, come anyway.

If you are not interested but think someone else might be, then pass this notice on to them.


The Peers
The Springers
The Warders

Posted 16 June 2014

Community Talks

The Heidelberg Beach community is loaded with people that have expertise in many areas. We have people that are experts, or at least very knowledgeable, about the Great Lakes water system, astronomy, water color painting, the history of Heidelberg Beach, the arts, and many more subjects. The Social Committee is organizing a few Saturday morning get-togethers to hear and enjoy some learning in some of these areas from our fellow Heidelberg Beach family.

Our plan is to meet on Saturday mornings from 9:30 – 11:00 AM for coffee and donuts, then a presentation and Q & A.

We are still talking to people about who is going to do what, but here is the schedule as it stands at the moment.

July 12: Gale Kramer & David Rohrbaugh – The Genealogy of Heidelberg Beach
July 26: Bill Nightingale: Benefits of Massage using Myofacial Therapy and Pain Management
August 2 (8:30 PM): John Macko - Beginners' Guide to the Galaxy
August 23: Mary Border – Zen Tangle Art Demo and Audience Participation

We hope you will attend at least one of these Community Talks. They will be fun times to learn and to hear and to be with our neighbors and friends. More details to follow. If you have an idea about a talk, or want to give one of the talks, please let Janet Peer know.

The Social Committee

Posted 16 June 2014

Updated 18 June 2014

Updated 21 June 2014

Updated 27 July 2014

More Concerns over Beach Behavior

Just for your awareness, we’ve had some reports of unkind beach behavior—namely that someone’s family or guests are raiding the private storage bins of others—and using the chairs and other items stored. Please help monitor the security of other people’s private property on and around the beach.

With the major summer weeks upon us, let us all be as kind and considerate of others as we possibly can. :-)

Posted 12 June 2014

Second Half Year Invoices Mailed

Invoices for Assessments and Real Estate Taxes were mailed today. Payments are requested to be mailed back to the treasurer no later than June 23rd. If you do not receive your invoice by the end of the week, please contact the treasurer, Dick Castele at 216-221-6358 or

Posted 2 June 2014

Welcome Back—our 90th Season at Heidelberg Beach!

Dear All,

We are relishing these warm, spring days—it has been a tough winter for many people!

Now that we are seeing more and more of you return to your cottages, we’d like to take our usual moment to have you review the start of season reminders.

Once again we are trying to lighten the mood with a “Whimsical Version” of the Beach Rules to refresh everyone’s memories of the ways we can make this a happy and peaceful summer for all! Please take a moment to read this over and/or post in your cottage for all of your family to see.

Note 1: Please pay particular attention to the approved parking locations for cars that do not fit on your own lots. Please keep the pathways to/from the beach and promenade clear of obstructions.

Note 2: Last season we had more trouble with people leaving things down on the beach that were not stored in their bins—please help us keep the appearance of the beach neat and tidy.

Note 3: Once again, please help keep your own families on our own property—no excursions over to Mr. Brown or Mr. Norton’s land. And—please help us inform those that stray on to our private beach that it is not open to the public.

It is everyone’s duty to keep a watchful eye out—and everyone’s responsibility to act appropriately, and with care when you see a situation. We need to look out for each other, keep our neighborhood safe, and share the responsibility of continuing to make Heidelberg Beach the community we’ve all been a part of, and loved for generations.

Have a safe and happy 90th season at the beach!

Jane & John (as Sandscribes Editors)

Posted 27 May 2014

May 23, 2014 Sandscribes

Click here.

Posted 27 May 2014

May 17, 2014 Board Minutes

Click here.

Posted 27 May 2014

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