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Heidelberg Beach News

Posted 6/22/18: Congratulations to the Becks!

Barb and Dick Beck recently celebrated 70 (!) years of marriage, surrounded by their entire family of 31 members and many close friends from over the years. They were married June 9th, 1948.

For over 50 years, they were involved in HY-VU Dairy Farms, a large dairy/grain operation on the Galion New Winchester Road at Galion. They maintained a herd of 200 head of Holsteins and farmed 1500 acres, retiring in 2000.

In the summer of 1975, they joined the Heidelberg Beach community with their cottage at 59 Kentucky, and their entire family has enjoyed spending time there. It was their special getaway.

Their lifestyle consists of living in the farm house where they have resided for nearly 67 years and going to Florida winters to live in Daytona Beach, right on the ocean. They say it is the best of both worlds.

Anniversary celebrants Barb and Dick Beck

Posted 6/1/18: Second Half Invoices Mailed: Deadline June 22

The Second Half Real Estate Tax and Assessment invoices have been mailed. Please mail no later than June 18th. Note that this invoice contains an additional $110 charge for each cottage for septic tank cleaning.

Please contact Dick Castele if you have any questions, or if your invoice does not arrive in a few days.

Posted 5/31/18: Heidelberg Beach Summer Bible Study

The Springers, Peers, Hendersons and several others have expressed interest in participating in a summer Bible Study.

So the Springers will host the first few on Friday, June 8th and Friday June 22nd at their cottage (52 Kentucky). We will be looking at and discussing one of the Psalms.

The events will run from 7:30 P.M to about 9:15 P.M. We will also share in one of Claudia's famous desserts or maybe a Papa Joe's pie.

After the first two meetings, the group will decide what additional dates to meet. No one can probably come to all of them, but please come to the ones you can.

Thanks. Claudia and Jeff

Posted 5/25/18: New Basketball Backboard and Hoop Needed

Tom Eshelman (73 Indiana) is leading a project to replace the backboard and hoop at our small basketball court by the playground. This is the set being considered. Donations would be appreciated to raise about $450.

Anyone with opinions on the rim height for a new basket should write or talk to Tom Eshelman. Youngsters have more fun with lower rims. Should he go with an 8' "playground" height, or keep it at the full regulation 10' height?

Thank you!

Posted 5/25/18: Local Area Beach Yoga

Maria Santoferraro is excited to be back for the 8th summer of offering beach yoga in our area. See her schedule and class descriptions at Daily Downward Dog.

Posted 5/22/18: Volunteers Sought for Pavilion Social Hours

The Christian Work and Worship Committee would like to thank the many hosts and hostesses who helped with the Social Hours following summer church services in 2017. The social hours are a good time to catch up on news of friends and neighbors after worshiping together.

We are looking for hosts and hostesses for 10 summer services for this season. The first social time will be July 1st and the last will be held on September 2nd.

Items such as tablecloths and napkins are provided along with coffee, sugar, etc. As a host or hostess, you will need to set up in the morning before the church service, make coffee, and provide a cold drink and refreshments. You can be reimbursed for the items that you purchase. If you are interested in hosting a social hour this summer, please contact Linda Glaviano.

Thank you!

Posted 5/22/18: Annual Meeting

Make note that the we are going to hold the Annual Meeting late in the summer this year—on Saturday, August 25th. The Board is working on a few small changes to the By-Laws and the Building Committee is working on some updates to the Building Rules & Regulations. The Board wants to have time for community review of the changes before we take the vote.

A draft of the proposed changes to the By-Laws is ready for your review. Please let the Board know if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns. The overall reasons for making these changes are to officially allow for electronic communications for those that use email, to allow the Board of Trustees to hold telephone or video meetings, and to clarify a few points regarding meetings and voting.

When a draft of the proposed changes to the Building Rules & Regulations is available, we’ll post that for your review as well.

Posted 5/22/18: Board of Trustees

If you’d like to volunteer to run for the Board of Trustees this year, please contact Dick Castele or Barbara Weber.

Posted 5/22/18: Work Day a Success!

Despite the unpredictability of the weather, the sun did shine on Saturday morning. Thank you to the wonderful crew came down to help clean up the beach!

Many thanks to the Peers as well who hosted a wonderful potluck lunch at their cottage!

Part of the Beach Clean-up Crew

Photo by Dean Smith

Posted 5/20/18: Be Alert

Last night Dick Castele’s unlocked car was entered, and the contents from the glove box and seat consoles were rifled through and strewn about. Unfortunately, we’ve had incidents like this the last few years, and very sadly, they are happening again. Be warned and alert to keep your cars and cottages locked. Bicycles have been taken in the past too.

Posted 5/10/18: Married!

Congratulations to Barbara & Scott Weber (59 Kentucky) on the marriage of their daughter Laura to Lieutenant Evan Burnham. The joyous wedding was held on May 5th in Pittsburgh. Best wishes to Laura & Evan for a long and wonderful life together!

Newlyweds Laura Weber and Evan Burnham

Posted 5/7/18: Lost Key

Jan Peer's daughter lost her key. It is in a small black plastic case (key is inside). It could be anywhere on the grounds or at the beach. Please keep an eye out for it.

Posted 5/7/18: Need help getting stuff to the dump?

Jack Kramer has volunteered to drive his pickup truck to Vermilion Township’s Free Dump event on Saturday, May 12th. (See calendar for details.) If you have something you’d like him to take, call Jan Peer. Jack cannot help to lift the items into his truck, so please have someone to assist you in lifting the items, if need be.

Posted 5/7/18: New Social Events Added

Note that three new Heidelberg Beach events have been added to our calendar (and see details of the events there).

  • On June 9th there is a guided canoe tour of Old Woman’s Creek.
  • On July 4th there will be the Annual Parade around the beach.
  • On July 7th is our first Heidelberg Beach Women’s Lunch outing.

Posted 5/7/18: Social Committee Volunteer(s) Requested

The Social Committee ( Jan Peer and Barb Tereshko) would love additional help. Please contact either of them if you are interested.

Posted 4/15/18: Treasurer’s Term Expiring in 2018

Under our By-Laws, the Treasurer is limited to 9 consecutive years of service. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, he or she may continue to be appointed on an annual basis.

Dick Castele’s 9-year tenure is reached this summer. If anyone would like to volunteer for this appointment, please contact Dick Castele or Jane Chidester.

Posted 4/15/18: Potluck Backup Plan

For the upcoming Heidelberg Beach Reunion Weekend, the Social Committee has planned a community potluck lunch. It is scheduled for 1 PM on Saturday, May 19th, at the Pavilion.

If rain or temperature are issues on Saturday, the backup plan is to move the potluck to 1 PM on Sunday, May 20th, at the Pavilion.

If neither of those days looks to be suitable for holding an outdoor lunch, we are looking for someone to volunteer their cottage for an indoor event. If you are willing to open your doors to the community, please contact Jan Peer or Barb Tereshko.

Posted 4/15/18: Free Dump Day at Vermilion Township

Make note that if you have some major spring cleaning plans, Vermilion’s Free Dump Day is coming up on May 11th and 12th. See the Community Calendar for details.

Posted 4/15/18: New Addresses

  • Claudia & Jeff Springer (52 Kentucky) have made their big move from Miami to Austin. Austin will now be their winter escape, with the added benefit of being near their daughter and her family!

  • Jim Schneider (24 W. Virginia) is now living a mile down the road from Heidelberg Beach at Kingston of Vermilion. He’d love to have visitors—apartment 135!

  • Will Ossman (99 Ohio) has also made a move to a new community in Strongsville. He hopes to make it out for some day visits to Heidelberg Beach this summer.

See the Heidelberg Beach Membership Directory for their new addresses.

Posted 4/15/18: Congratulations to Mary Border—Award Winner at Ritter Art Show!

Mary Border (10 Pennsylvania) entered three paintings at the Art Show that opened at Ritter Library yesterday (Friday, April 13th). The show is sponsored by the Vermilion Arts Guild. Mary won First Place in the Mixed Media category for her painting “Sea Turtle”. She also won Second Place in the Acrylic category for her painting “Seagulls Resting”. You can see the Art Show and Mary’s work through May 9th at Ritter.

Also, Mary will again be hosting several Open Houses at her Heidelberg Beach Cottage Art Studio over the summer season. The first ones will be held Saturday and Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend, 2-4 PM. See the Community Calendar for full details—and for future date postings.

Note too that Mary has a Facebook Page with information and photos of her work. (This page is currently being improved, so check back often to see additional art samples. Her talents range from beach scenes, to cottages, to pets. She can paint anything from a photo!)

May Border's Dog Art

See the Heidelberg Beach Membership Directory for Mary’s contact information.

Posted 4/15/18: Need help getting ready for Summertime?

Mary Border (10 Pennsylvania) is available if you need help getting your cottage opened up and spruced up this spring. She can help with any cleaning, yard work, shopping, or organizational projects that you may have.

Note that we list Mary, and other references for service providers that have been recommended by your neighbors, on our Web Site at Recommended Service Providers.

See the Heidelberg Beach Membership Directory for Mary’s contact information.

Posted 4/5/18: Another New Neighborhood Grandbaby!

Congratulations to Jennifer Sullivan and David Rohrbaugh (30 W. Virginia) on becoming grandparents to their first girl grandbaby! Jennifer and David’s daughter Katie gave birth on March 28th to Olive Marian Rohrbaugh-Berry, weighing in at 8 pounds of love. Olive is expected to meet older cousin Charlie, son of Jennifer and David’s son Ben, this summer.

Olive Marian Rohrbaugh-Berry Olive Marian Rohrbaugh-Berry

Posted 3/30/18: Yard Waste Management

As the warmer weather approaches and people start to tinker with their outside yard work, we wanted to review the current options for dumping your yard waste at Heidelberg Beach.

As you saw from prior posts, the Foote family has cleaned up and seeded the east end of the promenade, and there is no longer a yard waste area there. We are also in the process of cleaning out the yard waste pile in the woods that is south of the playground and creek. Also, as always, there is no dumping of yard waste by (or in) the dumpster and wood chip piles at the south end of Pennsylvania Road.

What you can do is:

  1. Use the burn pile on the beach, located east of the east pier.

  2. Or, have your yard waste collected at your cottage.

    We have an opportunity this summer season to have yard waste picked up that is in lawn bags (the brown, biodegradable bags you can buy at hardware stores).

    This is a free trial program, and it is completely optional to participate. On Mondays starting in April and continuing through September, a guy will drive around the neighborhood and pick up any bags that are staged by the side of the road. You can also have a neat pile of sticks or limbs, if they don’t fit in the bag.

    If you need a bag or two to get started, Jane has a small stockpile.

The Board is considering and discussing what our long-term plan for managing yard waste will be, but for this summer, we offer the two options listed above.

Posted 3/13/18: Septic Tanks Cleaned

Two cautionary notes from the recent tank cleaning:

  • No baby wipes or sanitary wipes are ever septic tank safe even if the packaging says they are. Wipes of any kind do not dissolve, and they end up clogging the tanks and pipes. Several instances of this problem were found.

  • Wipes and other anti-bacterial products (like hand soap, bleach, etc.) work against the bacterial processes necessary to break down solids in a septic tank. The more anti-bacterial products that enter the system, the less capable or efficient the system is.

Since we probably have several years ahead of us before we can install a sanitary sewer system, if you do not have an easy, ground level access to your tank, please consider adding the necessary riser(s). Particularly because this is now a necessary annual event, it is a lot of work for our volunteer(s) and the cleaning company to excavate everyone’s tank lids.

Posted 3/6/18: Septic Tanks

Weather permitting, all septic tanks will be cleaned the week of March 12th.

Posted 2/19/18: Rosalie Nehls's Book Legacy

Ellen Nolan, daughter of the Tereshkos (45 W. Virginia), shares a heartwarming story of the adventures she and her kids, Nora and Bobby, and their friends, had these last few months.

Roger Nehls (76 Indiana) was kind enough to share a wealth of books that belonged to his wife, Rosalie, with the Heidelberg community a few years ago. We took several boxes of children's books and have slowly distributed them to Little Free Libraries in the region. Here are pictures of our adventures. Not only did we enjoy Rosalie's books, but now so are tons of kids in Ohio. (Ironically not pictured is Heidelberg Beach’s Little Free Library—we did share books there!) Thank you, Roger, for this gift! We look forward to hunting for more.

Love, the Nolans

Rosalie Nehls's Book Legacy

Posted 2/16/18: John Patrick Corrigan IV

Cathy & Jack (John Patrick, II) Corrigan (89 Michigan), are thrilled to announce the birth of John Patrick Corrigan IV, to their son John (Patrick, III), and his wife Nora. Little “Jack” is Cathy & Jack’s first grandson, and was born on Friday, February 9th, weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces, and was 18 ½” long. He joins his two older sisters, and is cousin to Grace, Colette, and Evelyn Welch (Katie & Scott Welch’s girls, 79 Indiana).

We wish the whole Corrigan family congratulations and look forward to seeing all of these happy little faces this summer!

John Patrick Corrigan IV

Posted 2/13/18: For Sale: Chrome Octagon Dining Set

The Peers (12 Pennsylvania) are offering for sale a glass and chrome octagon dining set, including a table and four gray cushioned rolling chairs. Very comfy! Please contact Jan Peer at (216) 536-8051 and make an offer. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

Peer Dining Set For Sale

Posted 2/13/18: Kenneth P. Brown Passes Away

Heidelberg Beach's next-door neighbor to the east, Ken Brown, died on February 1st. His obituary is here.

It seems as though there is one brother of the sibling cohort remaining, along with Ken's daughters, but so far there has been no news concerning the disposition of the property.

Posted 2/10/18: Heidelberg Beach Offsite Meeting

The Becks (58 Kentucky) and the Hendersons (62 Kentucky) met for dinner in Daytona Beach and celebrated not being in the cold weather!

The Becks and the Hendersons in Daytona Beach

They picked an excellent time for their celebration; contrast the warmth of Florida with this view of the Pavilion taken about the same time as their dinner.

Winter Pavilion View

Posted 1/11/18: First Half Tax and Assessments Mailed, Due February 3rd

The first half tax and assessments are going out today and are due by February 3rd. For any questions or problems, please contact the Treasurer, Dick Castele.

Posted 1/5/18: Grandchild for Linda Lackey

Maxwell Charles Specht was born on December 14th, 2017 to Linda Lackey's (98 Ohio) son Ben and his wife Candice in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Linda and David got to meet the new arrival on Christmas Day! Congratulations to all.

Maxwell Charles Spech and Parents

Ben, Candice, and Maxwell Charles Specht

Maxwell Charles Spech and Family

Ben’s recent 30th Birthday celebration last weekend presented the opportunity for the first Rorhbaugh contingency to see the baby. From left to right, Ahmed (husband of Jocelyn), Jocelyn (daughter of Martha and Joe Vivona), David, Linda, Emily (Linda's daughter), Candice, Ben, and baby Maxwell.

Posted 12/19/17: Probable Water Main Break

This is just a heads up that we have been hunting for a water problem on Indiana Road since Thanksgiving weekend. After much investigation with neighbors and two plumbers, we are going to take advantage of this week’s favorable weather to do some digging to look for it. We’d like to get this fixed and resolved before colder temperatures, for obvious reasons.

Once we find the break, the neighborhood will be inevitably without water for a few hours during the repair. We’ll give you as much notice as possible, but we’ll likely have to work fast once we find it. Right now, the plan is to look around today, and, we hope, fix on Thursday. We’ll keep you posted.

Posted 12/3/17: New Belmont Granddaughter

Congratulations to Chris & Jeff Belmont (64 Kentucky) on the birth of Peyton Rae Belmont, daughter of their son Andy and his wife Jasmine. Peyton was born on September 19th in Virginia. Dad Andy is in the US Navy and stationed in Norfolk.

Chris & Jeff are blessed with all three of their children happily married, and now a total of 4 grandchildren—2 boys and 2 girls. As Chris & Jeff said, “what a joy they are!”

Peyton Rae Belmont and Parents Peyton Rae Belmont

Posted 12/1/17: Concerns for Jim Schneider

James Schneider (24 West Virginia) is at Fairview hospital fighting a nasty infection in his leg. His daughter-in-law reports that the situation is challenging. Please keep Jim and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Posted 11/28/17: Condolences to the Stone Family

Ken Stone’s (56 Kentucky) daughter, Beth Bodnar, passed away on November 21st after a long illness. No memorial services will be held. Our deepest sympathy to Ken, his daughter Molly Richeson, and the entire Stone family.

Posted 11/20/17: Results of the Infrastructure Assessment Selection

13 cottages chose an accelerated installment

16 cottages chose the standard installment

19 cottages chose the delayed installment

In just over 3 years we’ll have collected our target of $500,000, and then can begin the detailed design. At that time, the Board will set up open community meetings with the engineer, contractors willing to consult, and anyone and everyone in the community that can share experience and expertise, to begin the decision-making process.

Posted 11/20/17: New Grandchild for Mary Border

Mary Border’s (10 Pennsylvania) daughter Vonnie, along with Vonnie’s husband Tony, are the proud parents of a son, Birch Harutoki Gonzalez. He was born Saturday morning, November 4, 2017 at just over 7 pounds, 19 inches long.

In Japanese, birch means strong, and harutoki means son. Aside from honoring dad Tony’s ancestry in the naming, Tony is in the landscaping business and loves trees!

Birch joins older sister Penny. Birch is also noteworthy in that he is the first boy(!) born in generations on the Lydia Foote side of the family tree.

Everyone is doing well; mom and dad are just very tired.


Posted 10/24/17: Dumpster Pickup Services

There has been a recent problem with our dumpster pickup schedule and we’ve not had service since October 6th. Those around know that the dumpster is smelly and overflowing. Our service provider, Republic, has now fixed the problem.

The dumpster will be emptied tomorrow, October 25th.

The off-season every-other-week pickup service will begin on Monday, October 30th. The pickup schedule going forward is shown on the Community Calendar—plus the dates are shown in the upper right-hand corner of this page, where upcoming dates/activities are previewed.

Again, it is respectfully requested that the dumpster not be used for yard waste (even in bags), furniture, large objects, and non-broken down boxes.

Posted 10/20/17: Cleaning Services

As the leaves fall, just a reminder that Mary Border is still available to help with any cottage cleaning, closing, or organizing projects that you may have. See the Membership Directory for her contact information.

Posted 10/20/17: Maintenance and Beautification Projects

Dean Smith has been bringing tractor equipment from his farm and cleaning out some undergrowth at the east end of the Promenade and making parts of the beach bank easier to maintain. All work we could never have done on our own! Many, many thanks Dean for these improvements!

As a result, and as a reminder, all sticks, limbs, and yard waste now go either down on the beach burn pile (east side of the east pier), or south of the creek in "The Orchard" area in the southeast corner of our property.

Thanks again to Dean and the Foote Family who have put in so much time to the maintenance and beautification of Heidelberg Beach!

Harvey, as most know, has had a rough patch of health issues this fall. He was out mowing again recently, so we are taking that as a good sign he’s feeling better. When you see him, do take the chance to thank him—and Carol and Dean, for all they’ve done for the beach!

David Rohrbaugh and Jennifer Sullivan were also doing some maintenance on the roofing of our covered benches—many thanks to them for balancing on ladders to replace the lost shingles!

Posted 10/20/17: Web Site Recoding & Redeployment

Dear Community,

John Macko has given our Web Site a much-needed renovation—we hope you like it!

Our goals were a fresh look, easier navigation (less “clicking” around), more intuitive organization, bringing important information to the forefront, and some cool new features and tools. Behind the scenes, this re-programming has also made it much easier for the Web Master (currently John, of course) to update the site.

Any feedback you have is most welcome and appreciated! As you browse around, here are a few points worth noting:

  1. There is only one “News” page now, and it will include all types of news. You’ll see there is a posted date on the headline, so you can easily see what is newly added.
  2. So that we can include email and phone hyperlinks in the Membership Directory and Contact pages that include members’ personal data, we’ve added a security challenge question to protect our data from Web bots. If you allow cookies on your computer, you will only have to respond the challenge question once every 60 days.
  3. You’ll notice we are working on adding headshot photos of members to the directory. Please review your entry to make sure all your information is correct. If you would like, please email us a photo that we can use for your entry. John can resize and/or crop the photo as necessary. Next spring or summer it will be time to print a new hardcopy directory, and it would be great to have photos and all the data correct. If there is a picture we included that you don’t like—please send us a replacement!
  4. You’ll note that there are areas that are still “under construction.” This continues to be a work in progress and we hope everyone will help contribute to our information reserves and to the history area!

We wish you a safe and happy off-season. See you in the spring!

Jane & John

Posted 10/12/17: Mary Border Art Studio Open House

Mary Border is offering one last "open house" of her Art Studio, this weekend, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Come help her make room for many new paintings over the winter!

Cider and donuts will be served.

Mary Border Painting Mary Border Painting

Posted 10/5/17: Information from the September 30th Board of Trustees Meeting

The Board of Trustees had their annual fall budget meeting. The Board voted in the 2018 Operating Budget and levied the new water line assessment, as discussed and voted on at the Annual Meeting. Each cottage has been levied a $15,000 assessment.

The water line assessment information is also being mailed hardcopy to the primary leaseholder at each of the 48 cottages. Each cottage may select the installment method they can pay, and are asked to return their selection by October 31st, 2017.

The Board has great faith in the goodness of this community and in our members to contribute at their highest comfort level. Most everyone here has a Heidelberg Beach legacy, and understands that we are a neighborhood with shared values, a shared love of this special place, and a shared desire to be the best stewards in caring for and maintaining our property.

Doing so will help everyone move forward, and in the kindest way possible, help those that truly need the assistance. As was said at a recent Pavilion service, the “outside world” is chaotic enough, we all sincerely need the respite we find here. Gratefully, more than not, being here at Heidelberg Beach brings out the better angels of our nature.

Posted 10/4/17: Tom Fahrland Visits

Tom Fahrland was in town from Tennessee for a 50th High School reunion. His grandfather owned Harvey Foote's yellow cottage (47 Kentucky). He and his cousins spent summers here; he used to love fishing with his grandfather.

Tom is pictured here visiting David Rohrbaugh (30 West Virgina). (Tom left, David right).

Tom Fahrland and David Rohrbaugh

Posted 9/18/17: September 4th, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes Posted

The minutes for the September 4th Board Meeting have been posted.

Posted 9/18/17: Boat House Refurbishment

Over the past three weeks, many volunteers have put in hours of hard work to refurbish the Boat House. They strengthened the foundation; replaced some of the flooring; and re-sided, primed and painted the exterior west wall.

Many thanks to all who helped with this project!

Boat House Refurbishment

Posted 8/28/17: Margard/Nightingale Wedding!

Joan Margard (22 W. Virginia) and Bill Nightingale we married on Saturday, July 15th in Columbus. Congratulations, Joan and Bill, and best wishes for many, many happy years together!

Joan Margard and Bill Nightingale Wedding Joan Margard and Bill Nightingale Wedding

Posted 8/28/17: Condolences to the Richardson Family

Barbara Richardson (1 Pennsylvania) passed away on August 23rd, 2017. See her obituary here.

Our thoughts and prayers to Bill and Dora, and the whole Richardson family.

Posted 7/23/17: Annual Meeting and Board Meeting Minutes Posted

The minutes for the 2017 Annual Meeting and the Board Meeting which immediately followed have been posted.

Updated 8/15/17: Carolyn Leitch Passed Away

Carolyn Leitch (92 Ohio) passed away this morning (August 14, 2017) after enduring a 5-year battle with Multiple System Atrophy. MSA is a rare sporadic progressive neurological disorder. We understand Carolyn battled bravely, and with her characteristic wit. We are heartbroken at this devastating loss for their whole family—Dick, Nick, Haley, and all in the Castele and Leitch families.

Please keep Dick and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Carolyn's obituary and arrangement information has been posted and is here.

Posted 7/21/17: Concerns for Harvey Foote

Harvey Foote (47 Kentucky) was admitted to Firelands Regional Hospital on Wednesday, July 19th for a buildup of fluid in his leg. They changed some of his mediation and the symptoms have started mediating, and he is already feeling a lot better. He is on floor 3T Room 3023. Reports are that he will be coming home sometime during the next several days.

Please keep Harvey and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Posted 7/15/17: Annual Meeting Election Results

Board Members Re-elected: Jane Chidester, Scott Welch

New Board Members:Carol Dunkle, Aaron Hamilton

Officers: Jane Chidester (President), Claudia Springer (VP), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Dick Castele (Treasurer), Mary Chidester (Real Estate)

Water Line Replacement:

68.5 Approve
21 Do not Approve

Building Rule Change to add tap-in fee:

80.5 Approve
11 Do not Approve

Posted 7/13/17: Financial Statement and Treasurer's Report for Annual Meeting

The Financial Statement and Treasurer's Report have been posted to the Web for your review in advance of the Annual Meeting. Many thanks to our treasurer, Dick Castele, for the careful work preparing these materials.

Posted 7/13/17: New Beach Swing

As many of you have already noticed, there is a new chair swing on the beach for everyone to enjoy. Many thanks to Dean Smith for his hard work and carpentry skills to salvage what was left of the old swing and create this new beach feature!

New Beach Swing

Posted 7/8/17: July 2nd Board Minutes

There are a few points worth noting:

  1. The nominees for the Board this year are Jane Chidester (incumbent), Scott Welch (incumbent), Carol Dunkle, Aaron Hamilton, and Valerie Murray.

  2. After discussing the results of the community survey, the Board felt that we should focus on replacing the water line first—and voted unanimously to do so.

  3. The Board continues to be sensitive to, and is trying to solve the problem of how to pay for the project without causing undue hardship on those with tight budgets. In that spirit, the Board discussed a possible idea, and is sharing it with the community for feedback. See the following post.

Click here for the Board Minutes.

Posted 7/8/17: 2017 Annual Meeting Information

The Annual Membership Meeting is a week from today, on

Saturday, July 15th, at 10 AM, at the Pavilion

If you cannot attend the meeting in person—please print and fill out a Proxy Form. You can either scan and email it to the Secretary, Tom Eshelman—or have the person you selected as your proxy bring the form directly to the meeting.

Note that the Board has included additional information with the Proxy Form this year. Please read it ahead of time, even if you are attending the meeting in person.

The Board wanted to provide relevant background information to the votes that are being taken—and give you time to prepare your questions for the discussion period at the meeting.

Posted 7/6/17: Marian Rohrbaugh’s Church Memorial Service: July 22nd

See Marian’s obituary here. It includes details of her church Memorial Service later this month.

Posted 6/30/17: Mary Border’s Sister Passed Away

Bev Morris, Mary Border’s sister (10 Pennsylvania), passed away late yesterday afternoon (Thursday, July 29th). She was 76, and died after a short illness.

Our thoughts and prayers to Mary and her family, and to the extended Foote family, as a whole. (Mary and Bev are two of Lydia Foote’s daughters.)

Coincidentally, both the Foote family, and the Rohrbaugh family—who just lost their matriarch Marian, are having reunions and gatherings this weekend at Heidelberg Beach. It is of course so fitting that these two families continue to gather here, in a place that has brought comfort and joy for all of them, since the earliest days of our community. We, their extended Heidelberg Beach family, surround them with our love and prayers.

Updated 6/27/17: Marian Rohrbaugh Passed Away

Heidelberg Beach now has another huge hole in our collective community’s heart. We are sad to share that Marian (The Pioneer, 59 Kentucky) passed away early this morning, Monday, June 26th. Her beautiful spirit now joins her husband Paul (d. September 17th, 2011), on what would have been their 74th wedding anniversary (today!). Our thoughts and prayers go to the entire Rohrbaugh family.

Memorial for Marian Rohrbaugh

Posted 6/23/17: Infrastructure Survey Results

Dear Community,

In the spirit of full transparency, the Board is sharing the results of the recent survey. The comments that were asked to be restricted to the Board only, are understandably not included here.

We had a near 100% response rate, with 44 of 48 cottages responding. Thank you for taking the time, and care, to give us your honest feedback.

We can talk further about this as a community when we gather for the Annual Membership Meeting in just 3 weeks—10 AM at the Pavilion on Saturday, July 15th.


The Board of Trustees

Posted 6/19/17: 2017 Summer Season Pavilion Schedule

The summer’s Pavilion Schedule, with hostesses, officiants, and cleaning crews, is posted to the Community Calendar.

  • Linda Glaviano needs just one more hostess to fill out the Social Hour schedule—please contact her if you are willing to volunteer. Date needed: August 6th.
  • Jane Eshelman needs just one more minister or speaker to fill out the Officiant schedule—please contact her if you have an interest or if your home church minister is interested. Date needed: August 27th.
  • Remember if you would like to reserve the Pavilion for a family gathering, contact Char Schuman.

Thank you to everyone who participates in our cherished summer services!


Updated 6/18/17: Update: Social Hours Volunteers

The CCWW Committee wants to thank all of you who have contacted Linda about hosting one of the social hours following Pavilion services this summer! We are hoping that some of you are interested in being a host or hostess for the remaining unassigned dates. Hostess/hosts are still needed for August 6th. Please contact Linda Glaviano.

Again, thanks to those who have already contacted Linda for taking the time to help out!

Linda Glaviano for the CCWW

Posted 6/8/17: Bible Study Sessions Return

Again this summer we will be hosting a community Bible study at our cottage (52 Kentucky). We will read and discuss a familiar Psalm and share one of Claudia's famous desserts. Meetings will take place from 7:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. on July 7th, July 21st, August 4th, and August 18th. For questions, please call Jeff.

Claudia and Jeff Springer

Posted 6/3/17: May 28th Board Minutes Posted

Click here for the May 28th Board Minutes.

Posted 6/2/17: Beach Condition Update

Due to the high-water levels, and the shifting shoreline, we’ve relocated the fire pit area. Many times this spring we’ve had no beach or sand due east of the volleyball net area. The sands continue to change, and if lake levels go down, we may put the fire pit back on the east end of the beach, but for now, and possibly for this summer, its new home is on the raised dune towards the west side of the beach.

A few “thank yous” are in order here—thank you to Harvey Foote and John Macko for getting all of the beach wood split—thank you to Herb Foote who donated the wood rack—and thank you to Carol Dunkle for painting it a matching green to our other furniture! One more thank you to Harvey Foote, Carol Dunkle, and Dean Smith who fixed a plumbing problem we had with the water faucet on the beach bank as well.

As mentioned in an earlier post, our northern volleyball post was washed away. We will not be reinstalling it this summer, but are keeping it for next year.

As you can see in the pictures below too, the west pier is being washed over with waves. We have delayed getting the pier benches out for a few weeks to see if the water level goes down some.

We appreciate everyone’s help in keeping the beach picked up and tidy. Many thanks to everyone who has gone down and weed whipped, raked, or taken limbs to the burn pile. We’re looking forward to a relaxing summer of fun. 😊

New Fire Ring Placement New Fire Ring Placement New Fire Ring Placement

Posted 5/31/17: Community Survey Mailed: Deadline June 16th

Dear Community,

The Board of Trustees is asking for input and feedback regarding our infrastructure situation.

A survey was just mailed for each cottage. (If there are multiple leaseholders, please come to a consensus for your feedback.)

Use the stamped envelope to return your survey to our Secretary, Tom Eshelman, by June 16th.

The Board will share the results and discuss at the Annual Membership Meeting in July.

Thank you so much,
Your Board of Trustees

Posted 5/25/17: Second Half Invoices Mailed: Deadline June 24

The Second Half Real Estate Tax and Assessment invoices have been mailed, with a due date of June 24th. Note that this invoice contains an additional $110 charge for each cottage for septic tank cleaning.

Please contact Dick Castele if you have any questions, or if your invoice does not arrive in a few days.

Posted 5/21/17: Summer Season Social Hours

The Christian Work and Worship Committee would like to thank the many hosts and hostesses who helped with the Social Hour following summer church services in 2016. The social hours are a special time to catch up on news of friends and neighbors after worshiping together.

We are again looking for hosts and hostesses for 10 summer services for this season. The first social time will be July 2 and the last will be held on September 3.

Items such as tablecloths and napkins are provided along with coffee, sugar, etc. As a host or hostess, you will need to do setup in the morning before the church service, make coffee, and provide a cold drink and refreshments. You can be reimbursed for the items that you purchase. If you are interested in hosting a social hour this summer, please contact Linda Glaviano.

Posted 4/30/17: Engagement!

Joan Margard (22 W. Virginia) and Bill Nightingale got engaged at Christmastime! The happy couple will wed on Saturday, July 15th in Columbus. Congratulations and best wishes for many wonderful years ahead!

Joan Margard and Bill Nightingale Engagement

Posted 4/30/17: Congratulations (Belatedly) to Jan Peer

Jan Peer (12 Pennsylvania) joined the ranks of the happily retired last year. It was somewhat of a tapering off in the work force, but that business is now in the capable hands of her daughter Christa. Craig is still happily at Toyota. Best wishes and much happiness to everyone!

Posted 4/30/17: New Tree in Memory of Mary Lou Belmont

Many thanks to the Belmont and Kessler families (64 Kentucky) for the beautiful Tri-Color Beech in memory of Mary Lou. In is located in the Linwood Path lot line (lot 72).

New Tree in Memory of Mary Lou Belmont

Posted 4/17/17: 2017 Spring Sandscribes Published

Click here.

Posted 4/16/17: Our Beautiful Beach

These pictures were just taken last night (Saturday, April 15th):

Heidelberg Beach, Spring of 2017 Heidelberg Beach, Spring of 2017 Heidelberg Beach, Spring of 2017

Can you believe it?

This is all due to the incredible work of Dean Smith, Carol Dunkle, and Harvey Foote. They all have been puttering away on the beach throughout this winter.

As you know we had a mild year—and not too much washed ashore. So, they have been down several times raking, gathering, and clearing. Barring a terrible spring storm (and we know this is a possibility!), we are ready for summer by Easter Sunday!

Dean has been on a mission to get rid of the invasive shrubs, and clear out and smooth out the flatter areas of the beach bank for easier maintenance. Dean and Harvey have created more areas that will be able to be maintained with just mowing. The beach grasses are filling in and holding our dunes. Our beach bank has always been a Herculean job to maintain, and they’ve moved us a huge step forward in making this easier. It is just stunning and we can’t thank them enough.

As you can see in the pictures too, the water is high this year, and the beach is fairly narrow. Because of the high waves and water, we temporarily lost the northern volleyball net post! The waves were so strong and high that it became dislodged. Luckily, Carol Dunkle noticed at the right moment, and found it on Ben Norton’s beach! It is now laying on the ground just to the left of the south post. I don’t remember that ever happening in my lifetime!

In the bottom picture, you can see—just east over the east pier—is a pile of ash. We’ve re-instituted the beach burn pile—more on that in the article below!

Posted 4/16/17: The Burn Pile Returns!

As you read and heard last year, we no longer have access to the help of Mr. Brown’s crew to haul our debris away.

After careful thought and preparation, we’ve chosen this location, just east of the east pier, and just north of the pathway to the east beach, for our new burn pile:

New Beach Burn Pile

Dean Smith and Harvey Foote have used their collection of machinery to prepare this area—and of course, start collecting our stick and limb debris.

The New Plan for Usage:

  1. We ask that everyone now use this burn pile as the location to put your sticks, limbs, and pulled out plants or shrubs.

  2. We are working on cleaning up the old compost pile on the east end of the promenade and would like to make the promenade area only for leaves. Promenade Leaf Compost Area Throwing plants, shrubs, sticks, and limbs here has made a terrible eyesore, and put things in a place that we can’t maintain well. Cleaning this area is still a work in progress, but we’d appreciate that nothing further be added here from this point forward (except leaves, of course).

  3. There is still an area in the woods behind the forsythia on the south side of the creek (near the entrance to the beach) that can be used for all debris. However, if you can bring the sticks and limbs to the burn pile anyway, we’d really appreciate it. At some point, we’ll have to manage that area better too—and the sticks and limbs just don’t decompose. Orchard Compost Area
  4. Please, please, please, do not use the area around the dumpster for limbs or any other debris. We need to have that clear for the dumpster, and for putting wood chips down. Harvey and John just got that cleaned out again.

  5. Finally, please do not light the burn pile. Please leave this to Dean and Harvey only. They will monitor the conditions, and monitor the fire appropriately.

To Reiterate in Brief Summary:

  1. Use the burn pile on the east beach for all limbs, sticks, plants, shrubs.

  2. Use either the east end of the promenade or the south side of the creek compost areas for leaves only.

  3. Do not put any yard waste or debris down by (or in!) the dumpster.

Thank you so much for your cooperation as we try to make these improvements to keep our beach beautiful!

Posted 4/16/17: New Fire Pit Ring for the Beach

The old fire pit ring was lost to the lake over the winter. We think someone took it down from its storage location on the beach bank for a fire in the late fall, and did not put it back up by the wood pile. John and Jane purchased a new one. ☺

New Fire Pit Ring

We will take it down to the beach in a few weeks once we get a picnic table and the chairs back in position. We also plan to have a galvanized pail tethered to the picnic table so people can easily extinguish the fires with lake water (not sand). When the ring becomes too full of ash or unburnt wood, people can use the pail to scoop it out and take it over the east pier to the burn pile. This way we will not have a terrible mess of coals in the sand as previously when people shifted the ring around when it got full of sand. Again, please use the pail for water, or taking the old ash to the burn pile. We’ll try to get some signage posted down there too.

One final note: We have a decent sized wood pile right now—the logs need to be split first. Harvey Foote and/or Jeff Belmont will be getting that taken care of for us. Please don’t start making fires until we can get this in order. The logs in the pile now would overwhelm the new fire pit ring. (And please don’t just start a fire on the sand without the ring in place.)

Also, we always appreciate anyone who is willing to take a chainsaw and cut up and split wood for this pile throughout the season. There is quite a bit of driftwood on the east beach that could be used for this purpose. There are also places in the woods areas that have large logs on the ground—just ask Jane and she’ll direct you.

Posted 4/16/17: General Help Wanted

Though amazing work has already been done around the beach, there are still some miscellaneous tasks that we’d appreciate help with.

  1. Picking up sticks and limbs. Harvey, Dean, Carol, John, and I have already taken the first pass around the property to get things cleaned up for the start of mowing season. As winds or storms happen, we always get a new batch down on the ground. Please help to pick them up off the grassy areas and take them down to the burn pile. (Or, if you need help transporting to the beach, call Carol or Harvey to pick up the pile you’ve gathered.)

  2. Our tree service did a “Vista Prune” on the promenade this year. They raised the limbs on many trees to let a little more sunlight in and provide a spectacular view for all. There are several areas around the promenade (including a place where a tree was removed) that could use some re-seeding work.

  3. As you saw, the beach itself is in good shape at this moment. Help us keep it that way and rake up or saw up any new things that wash ashore—the burn pile is just past the east pier! If something is appropriate for the fire pit wood pile (make sure it is cut to length)—you can put it there.

  4. At some point, Harvey and Dean will take some loads of wood chips to put around the bases of the promenade trees (that aren’t already maintained by others). They’ll need help raking and shaping those rings. Remember—make donuts, not volcanoes! ☺ Getting all the trees on the promenade ringed is still the goal. If any are left undone, your help in doing them would be appreciated.

Thank You!

Thank you as well to everyone who has volunteered to do a task on our Community List—we all appreciate the gift of having those things taken care of!

Updated 4/19/17: Clarke Martin Passed Away

Clarke Martin (97 Ohio) passed away Wednesday, April 12th. The obituary, including plans for visitation and funeral services, is available here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole Martin family.

Updated 4/11/17: Concerns for Clarke Martin

Clarke Martin (97 Ohio) was admitted to Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland on Tuesday, March 28th for pneumonia. Please keep Clarke and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Update: On April 7th Clarke was moved to Broadview Multi Care Center.

Posted 3/31/17: Ruth Schneider Passes Away

Ruth Schneider (24 W. Virginia) passed away on Tuesday, March 28th. There was a private service and burial as was Ruth’s desire. There will be a memorial service later in the year and we will post details when we have them.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jim and the whole Schneider family.

Ruth's obituary is here.

Posted 3/3/17: Concerns for Schneider Family

Thoughts and prayers to Ruth Schneider (24 W. Virginia). The Schneiders have been staying here at Heidelberg Beach as Ruth has been continuing her recovery from her stroke this past summer. Unfortunately, she had another recent stay in the hospital, and is now residing at Kingston of Vermilion for more rehabilitation. Thoughts and prayers to both Ruth and Jim, and the whole Schneider family, in these very difficult times.

Posted 3/3/17: Winter Infrastructure Update

Dear Community,

The deadline to apply (again) for a low interest EPA loan was March 1st. As promised last fall, the Board checked in with our Erie County contacts to see if anything had changed in their ability to help us this year.

The short answer is “no.” The short reason remains that we are a private community.

The longer story is that there was a major shake-up in the county after the election. The Erie County Sanitary Engineer was fired, and those responsibilities transferred to the Erie County Director of Utilities. One of the two county commissioners we had worked with was also ousted. The remaining commissioner, who is also the one that truly holds the purse strings, remains steadfast that we won’t get any monetary help.

We’ve had some further insights and understanding as well. When Erie County offered us the loan in 1964, it was probably only because the Erie County Commissioner that held the purse strings to the county at that time was a resident of Heidelberg Beach. We had not understood until now that we had probably been given a special favor—access to money that would not have been normal. This explains too why the project might have fizzled out 50 years ago. Our resident commissioner’s term probably ended before the county was able to start the work. This is just a theory, but at this point, it is an educated one.

We hope you can agree that the Board has worked hard to turn over every stone in this investigation. The only viable option now is to save up for this expense.

The Board’s Plan for moving forward:

The Board will hold its first meeting of the year on Sunday, May 28th. The primary focus will be planning for the Annual Meeting (scheduled for Saturday, July 15th). This year we will more formally survey the community, by way of ballot, as to your agreement or disagreement to various aspects of moving forward to replace our infrastructure. We will also present a new rule for the Building Rules & Regulations document to address the tap-in fee for any future cottages built (see the October 2016 Binding Resolution of the Board).

As always, please contact any of your Board members with comments, concerns, or suggestions.


The Board of Trustees

Posted 3/3/17: Rev. Richard Henderson Retires

Many congratulations to Sheila and Dick Henderson (62 Kentucky). Dick joined the ranks of the happily retired at the end of January. We wish you both many wonderful years ahead!

Posted 2/26/17: Septic Tank Cleaning

Abel Sanitation will be doing our septic tank cleaning again—and holding the price at $110/tank. They will possibly start on Monday afternoon (February 27th) and work Tuesday and Wednesday, weather permitting.

Posted 2/6/17: John Macko's Father Passes Away

We are sad to report that John Macko and Jane Chidester (82 Indiana) lost John's father late on Saturday, February 4th. The obituary is here.

Please keep Jane and John and John's family in your thoughts this week.

Posted 2/1/17: Charlie Rohrbaugh Begins Political Career with High Level Meeting at the White House

David Rohrbaugh and Jennifer Sullivan’s (30 W. Virginia) son Ben Rohrbaugh, was honored at a White House reception for 8 year Presidential Appointees. Grandson Charlie took the opportunity to run a few ideas by the outgoing leader of the free world. As campaign manager, Ben’s wife Stephanie, made sure Charlie was dressed appropriately for his first media shoot. ;-)

Charlie Rohrbaugh's White House Debut

Posted 1/24/17: Mary Lou Belmont Passes Away

We are sad to report that Mary Lou Belmont passed away this past Saturday, January 21st. The obituary is copied below.

Please keep all of her family (Jeff Belmont, Ella Davidson, Judy Destro, Craig Kessler, Scott Kessler, Heidi McClure and Linda Miranda, all of 64 Kentucky) in your thoughts and prayers.

Mary Lou Belmont, age 85, passed away unexpectedly in her home on January 21.

She was born in Cleveland Ohio to Arthur J. and Elsie Kessler. She was raised in Cleveland, and then married and moved to North Olmsted. After raising their children, she and her husband, Gordon, moved to Vermilion. Gordon and Mary Lou built their houses in both North Olmsted and Vermilion. They then moved to Wakeman where she lived out her life. She and Gordon were married 64 years. Mary Lou was active in her church and also volunteered for Meals on Wheels. She also enjoyed being with family, especially grandchildren at Heidelberg Beach, taking walks with them searching for lucky stones. Her hobbies included sewing, knitting, and tending to her garden.

Mary Lou is preceded in death by her parents and also her sister, Verna Field. Surviving her are her husband, Gordon, and a brother Kenneth A. (Marilyn) Kessler. She and Gordon have two children, Jeffrey (Christina) Belmont and Judy (Dale) Destro. Also surviving her are her grandchildren, Aubrey (Andrew) Lash, Allyson (Izaac) Ferrari, and Andrew (Jasmine) Belmont. She also has three great grandchildren, Elsie, Jonathan and Frank and many nieces and nephews.

Visitation will be on Saturday, January 28th at the Church of the Redeemer, 23500 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145 at 10:00 a.m. followed by a memorial service at 11:00. In lieu of flowers donation can be made to The Church of the Redeemer Memorial Fund or a charity of the donor's choice.

Posted 1/22/17: West Virginia Water Main Breaks

We've had a busy week (third week of January, 2017) dealing with infrastructure problems on West Virginia road. Below is a brief photo journal showing the highlights.

New sinkhole in West Virginia Road

Last summer (2016) we saw the first signs of a new sinkhole developing along West Virginia Road, west of the Bratton cottage (42 West Virginia) and very near a previous repair where in July of 2015 the storm sewer cracked and caused another sinkhole.

Just after the Holidays, the sinkhole opened up, so it was time to initiate the repair. We contacted Franklin. and they came out the first day it wasn't raining and the temperature was above freezing. (Excavation is difficult in frozen earth!)

Cutting the pavement around the new sinkhole in West Virginia Road

Step #1: Cut the pavement.

Removing the pavement pieces after they have been cut

Step #2: Remove the pavement pieces.

The next step involved using an enormous vacuum excavation truck to clear away the earth and clay. The vacuum minimizes the size of the hole needed, and is the least invasive method when excavating around delicate pipes.

Once the dirt was removed, the problem was obvious: a hole in the water main.

Note that in the above video, the vacuum is running at full bore to help reduce the pressure of the spray. Otherwise, the force of the water escaping might have collapsed the west wall of the pit.

Close-ups of water main

Once the water was shut off, we could get a close look at the water main. The top photo shows the location of our next failure (see below). The light tan areas in the bottom photo are where the exterior surface of the pipe has flaked away, which, according to Larry Smith of Franklin, are susceptible to "blowing out" into other leaks.

Clamp used to repair first leak

The clamp used for the repair.

Clamp used to repair first leak

The clamp in place. Larry had a very difficult time installing the clamp because (1) the water main was so corroded that he had a difficult time establishing a good seal, and (2) the pipe was so "fragile" that he had to exercise extreme care to not introduce further damage.

Filling the hole with sand and gravel

After turning the water main back on, we waited a good long while to ensure there were no leaks. After that, the crew filled the hole, first with sand surrounding the repair, and then topping it off with gravel.

Finished project, we thought...

Project finished! Except...

Leaky mess two days after repair

...we awoke to this two days later.

More vacuuming. Unfortunately, this was all the new gravel and sand that had just been installed less than two days earlier. The good news was that with the great quantity of water bubbling up from below, the texture of the material was like quicksand.

Naturally, we assumed that the first repair had simply failed. When the water main was once again uncovered, we could see that a new, much larger hole had opened in a new location nearby.

Larry explained that he sees this frequently in the older systems he maintains. After years and years, the pipe loses its integrity, and it's actually the Ohio clay pushing against the sides of the pipe that holds it together. When a pipe is exposed, it loses that support, and even though Franklin carefully packed sand around the first repair (we watched them), it was not sufficient to hold the weak spots in place.

Leaky mess two days after repair

A closeup of the hole that burst in the bottom of the water main. This photo was taken after the water had been turned off for awhile, so the outflow was reduced to a trickle.

Photo credit for this shot goes to Larry, who was able to stick his cell phone underneath for a great view.

Second, larger clamp

A bigger clamp was necessary this time around.

Second clamp installed

Second clamp installed.

Second clamp installed

When the second repair was finished, we all noticed a strong stream of water coming out of the earth on the south side of the pit. It was difficult to discern whether this was yet another leak, or simply the draining of the saturated soil.

In an abundance of caution, we decided not to fill the hole but instead cover it with a metal plate. We'll check on it over the weekend and Monday. In the interim, please avoid this area of West Virginia Road.

UPDATE: The water seems to have stopped.

My thanks to Franklin for their care, speed and expertise in resolving these issues, and to Harvey Foote and John Macko who were on hand constantly to turn the water on and off, answer questions, and guard the hole.

Posted 1/11/17: First Half Invoices Mailed

The First Half Real Estate Tax and Assessment invoices have been mailed with a due date of February 3rd.

Please contact Dick Castele if you have any questions, or if your invoice does not arrive in a few days.

Posted 1/6/17: New Sinkhole on West Virginia

A new sinkhole has opened up about 10 feet south of our first sinkhole on West Virginia. It is roughly due west of the Bratton cottage (42 West Virginia).

We are 99% sure it is a cracked storm sewer pipe and not a problem with our water line. We’ve called Franklin out to find and fix it, but they cannot do the work until the temperature rises above freezing—probably late next week (January 12th or 13th). Luckily this is not an emergency.

The hole, which is small at this point, is very near the center of the road. Be careful when driving or walking by this area to not step or drive directly on the hole.

Posted 1/6/17: Doing some Housekeeping: Saving Important Neighborhood Information

Water System:

To not lose important information about our community, we decided to document some important information about our water system. When John worked with Harvey in December to turn off and turn on our main water supply, it seemed prudent to write down the idiosyncrasies for anyone that might have to do this in the future (without Harvey or John around). It will also be worthwhile knowledge when a new water system is designed. Please read through this, just for your awareness. Make a mental note that the documentation exists if it is ever needed.

Web Site:

Again, just to make sure more than one person has information, John has given our Web Site information to the two other beach members that have the required technical skill to run and maintain the Heidelberg Beach site—Aaron Hamilton and Brice Chidester (the Community Task Listwas updated to reflect this). Just in case something happens to John, all the information on the Web Site will be preserved and accessible.

In General:

It is worth a refresher for you to see what we have on the Web site regarding general information about the beach. Click on the "Resources" navigational item at the top of any page.

There is much valuable and useful information out there. No need to memorize the details, just familiarize yourself to know what information exists. This is a living repository, so help us add to it or correct it!