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Heidelberg Beach Board Minutes (2015)

Board of Trustees Meeting
Heidelberg Beach Association
September 19, 2015

Present: Jane Chidester (President), Rick Herwerden (VP), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Dick Castele (Treasurer), Mary Chidester (Real Estate), Bill Richardson, Claudia Springer, Barbara Weber

Absent: Sharon Chidester, Bill Hertzer, Jan Peer, Scott Welch

Special Guest(s): Orientation of Heidi McClure to be added to the 64 Kentucky lease.

Opening Prayer: Tom Eshelman

Real Estate: Mary Chidester

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Castele.

  1. Received construction deposit from Dick Castele.
  2. Applied for water billing credits for 2015 leakage – received $609.28.
  3. Received $500 donation from parents of the bride for September wedding.
  4. Jack Corrigan will audit the books.

New Business:

  1. A motion passed (M. Chidester/T. Eshelman) to (i) approve Heidi McClure as a new member; (ii) terminate the existing leases for lots 64, 65 and 65-A Kentucky Road; and (iii) to issue a new 99 year lease for the same lots to Heidi McClure, Jeffrey A. Belmont, Judy A. Destro, Ella M. Davidson, Craig Kessler, Scott A. Kessler, and Linda Miranda.
  2. A motion passed (M. Chidester/C. Springer) to terminate the existing lease to Jack W. Kramer, Craig L. Peer and Janet S. Peer for Lots 12, 13 & 14 on Pennsylvania Road and to issue a new 99 year lease to for the same lots to Craig L. Peer and Janet S. Peer.
  3. The bill for the removal of the Richardson’s tree was $1537.20.
  4. Claudia Springer gave a report from CCWW.
    1. A 10-service summer was just completed.
    2. A new lavalier microphone was purchased and paid for by CCWW. One loud-speaker crackles and may be replaced.
    3. CCWW plans to erect a sign for listing church services and this may address the need for a “no parking beyond this point” sign.
    4. CCWW is looking for a gift of bulletin printing services.
    5. A new songbook will be used next year which was obtained for no cost. The old songbook will be retained too.
    6. The CCWW reserve funds are slowly shrinking. CCWW might ask for specific donations, e.g. for replacement of a loudspeaker.
  5. 2016 Budget.
    1. Dick Castele passed out the proposed budget along with a 9-year listing of historical expenses by category, the plans for tree work in the upcoming winter, and the Schedule of Cash.
    2. Jane will sign snow-plowing and mowing contracts with Harvey Foote. Same fees as last contract.
    3. There will be no increase in Sewer Improvement Fund contributions until the results of the feasibility study are known.
    4. Motion (Castele/J. Chidester) to assign money received from insurance to compensate for destruction of the barn, to pavilion maintenance. It passed 8-0.
    5. Motion (Castele/J. Chidester) to approve budget and keep assessments flat by paying the 2% increase out of unencumbered cash. It passed 8-0.
  6. Spring beach cleanup. We can’t count on hauling services from Mr. Brown starting in 2016.

Old Business:

Postponed discussion of General Rules pending a draft from J. Chidester.

Next Board Meeting: Spring of 2016 unless a meeting is needed after the infrastructure upgrade feasibility report is complete.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Eshelman

Board of Trustees Meeting
Heidelberg Beach Association
August 22, 2015

Present: Jane Chidester (President), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Mary Chidester (Real Estate), Bill Hertzer, Jan Peer, Claudia Springer, Barbara Weber, Scott Welch

Absent: Sharon Chidester, Dick Castele (Treasurer), Rick Herwerden (VP), Bill Richardson

Special Guest(s): Task Force members Jeff Springer and David Rohrbaugh, Playground managers Barb & Joe Tereshko.

Opening Prayer: Jeff Springer

Real Estate Report: Mary Chidester. None.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Castele. None.

Old Business:

  1. The infrastructure overhaul investigation.
    • Jeff Springer is leading the task force. He reported that they prepared an RFP and sent it to four civil engineering firms. One declined to respond by the deadline date (August 13, 2015).
    • The RFP was for a feasibility study to be prepared that would: identify what we have, identify some options for the overhaul, provide rough cost estimates, and identify possible funding sources. The contract period would be 90 days. Design sketches are expected.
    • The Board received a document via email summarizing the RFP responses in advance of this meeting.
    • Jeff presented the Task Force recommendation: OHM Advisors of Brecksville, OH. Jeff hopes to get 2-page agreement signed by them in the next week. They agreed to fixed hourly fees with a cap of $8900.
    • A motion was approved (C Springer/B Weber) to enter agreement with OHM for a feasibility study (as described in the RFP response document prepared for the board) using funds from the community reserved sewer improvement fund. The vote was 8-0.
  2. Update on David Rohrbaugh’s storm drain project.
    • All known storm drains have been repaired (except one that is paved over).
    • Using a map and metal detector, covered-over storm drains were found. They were uncovered and new tops were installed. The work was performed by Scott Welch and David Rohrbaugh. David submitted a bill for $135 in expenses.
    • One drain required digging and repair by Franklin. Their bill has not been received yet.
  3. The bill for the removal of the Richardson’s tree was $1537.20.
  4. Discussion on General Rules: Jane is still drafting a document. Jane asked for drafts from anyone who wants to submit rules governing one-time events.
  5. A $900 estimate was received to remove bushes along the path and the west edge of the Newman-Young property. A motion was approved (Peer/M. Chidester) to proceed with the project using Creek Reserved Funds. 8-0.

New Business:

  1. The new playset.
    • The Tereshkos reported that the new playset has been selected. It is a "Weaver playset" to be bought from an Amish distributor that has models set up at a location on SR 250. The funding is in place thanks to an outpouring of donations from the community.
    • Corinne’s Castle was removed last week.
    • A motion was approved to proceed with the project and assign to it the $550 that the community reserved funds for playground replacement (J. Chidester/Welch). The vote was 8-0.
  2. The Board discussed the process when money must be spent without a scheduled Board meeting vote (recent tree & drain situations). No new procedure is needed.
  3. Claudia will communicate to Ruth Schneider and Carol Dunkle that the Board should be kept informed of any changes being planned to the tennis court.
  4. The Board wants email reminders to be sent out for the Community Task list tasks. Tom will help Jane with this.

Next Board Meeting: Sunday, September 20, at 1 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Eshelman

Board of Trustees Meeting
Heidelberg Beach Association
July 25, 2015

Present: Jane Chidester (President), Dick Castele (Treasurer), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Mary Chidester (newly elected to Board), Bill Hertzer, Jan Peer, Claudia Springer (newly elected), Barbara Weber, Scott Welch.

Absent: Rick Herwerden (Vice-President), Sharon Chidester, Bill Richardson.

Present for Real Estate Transaction Approval: Millicent L. Martin-Schultz (Penny) and Susann M. Aldrich.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Castele gave the treasurer’s report for the fiscal year at the annual meeting earlier in the day.

Real Estate Report: A motion passed (Peer/Welch) to consent to the transfer of Lot 97 Ohio Road pursuant to a Transfer on Death Designation Affidavit dated June, 24, 2015, from Clarke F. Martin to Millicent L. Martin-Schultz (Penny) and Susann M. Aldrich and to accept Millicent L. Martin-Schultz (Penny) and Susann M. Aldrich into membership. This consent and approval shall not be effective until the death of Clarke F. Martin and shall have no effect should Clarke F. Martin revoke the Transfer on Death Designation Affidavit prior to his death.

Old Business:

A motion passed (J. Chidester/Welch) to create a task force to address an overhaul of our infrastructure (sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water lines, and possibly electric lines). The task force is expected to present options and costs and to engage a civil engineering firm in the process.

New Business:

  1. Election of Officers

    A motion passed unanimously (Springer/Peer) to re-elect the current officers: Jane Chidester (President), Rick Herwerden (Vice-President), Dick Castele (Treasurer), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Mary Chidester (Real Estate Officer).

  2. Property Items:
    1. A motion passed (Welch/Castele) to return the Glaviano’s construction deposit.
    2. Plans are being made to remove the bushes on beach property between Clark’s and Newman-Young’s.
    3. The portion of Warder’s lawn that was torn up during an infrastructure repair will be fixed.
    4. In August, there will be some asphalt work to complete recent infrastructure repairs. We will be billed.
    5. An old tree at Richardson’s is being removed this week.
    6. A question was investigated as to whether our insurance will cover any infrastructure repairs. It will not. It is only liability insurance.
    7. A motion passed (Welch/Castele) to have Franklin clean out the clogged drain at the SE corner of David Rohrbaugh’s house and possibly other clogged drains.

Next Board Meeting: Saturday, August 22 at 1 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Eshelman

Annual Membership Meeting
Heidelberg Beach Association
July 25th, 2015


  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05. Jeff Springer opened with a prayer.

  • Members who passed away this last year: Bob Koester, Karen Reimsnyder, Harriet Ossman, and Virginia Martin.

  • New members joining this last year:

    • Beth Schuman (wife of Curt, added to the Schuman family lots)

    • Linda Lackey (daughter of Will Ossman, added to her father’s lease)

    • Dale Montgomery & his sister Sherri Vitti (children of Gayle Montgomery)

    • The 6 Kessler grandchildren now in charge of 64 Kentucky: Jeff Belmont, Judy Destro, Ella Davidson, Craig Kessler, Scott Kessler, Linda Miranda.

  • A motion was passed to dispense with the reading of last year’s minutes (H. Foote/W. Hertzer)

Membership Roll Call and Distribution of Ballots: Secretary Tom Eshelman recorded the roll of leaseholders by lot numbers. Ballots for the election of the Board of Trustees for 2015-2018 were distributed.

Association members representing 66.5 lots were present and proxies were turned in for an additional 11 lots. Hence, a total of 77.5 lots were represented. 50 lots are required for a quorum and 56 lots (2/3+1 of 83.5) are required for a By-Laws change.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Castele presented the summary of the finances as of the end of the fiscal year (June 30th, 2015). Of the $128,817 total cash assets, $92,192 are reserved for specific uses and $22,925 are unencumbered. A motion passed to accept the report (W. Ossman/J. Springer).

Report of the Nominating Committee: David Rohrbaugh, Chair of the Nominating Committee, was not present so Jane Chidester presented the slate of nominees for the Board of Trustees for 2015-2018. They were Mary Border, Dick Castele (incumbent), Mary Chidester, Aaron Hamilton, Nancy Lukens (incumbent), Claudia Springer, and Barbara Weber (incumbent). There were no additional nominations from the floor.

Accomplishments and happenings of this last year:

  • We successfully switched to using a “Community Task List” from our previous semi-annual Work Days.

  • We switched our dumpster service and began locking down the dumpsters over the winter.

  • The Board of Trustees brought Aaron Hamilton on as the co-chair to the Building Committee.

  • The east entrance hill has now been filled in with grass.

  • The CCWW implemented a ground leveling project west of the shuffleboard court.

  • Seven new trees were planted.

  • A free lending library cabinet was installed at the Lackey cottage.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Adding photos to the membership directory. Printing a hardcopy directory.

  • The Board has started to review and update our General Rules & Regulations.

  • In the past year there have been many difficulties with our aging water and sewer lines. The Board will investigate an infrastructure overhaul in the coming year to the point where we understand all of our options and the costs involved.

  • New playground equipment will be evaluated and purchased to replace the wooden structure currently in use. The Association is contributing $500 towards the cost of the playground. This is already in reserve. The remainder of the cost will be provided for by donations from the community.

  • The Tennis Club will investigate repairing and cleaning the tennis court.

Voting: Don Bratton and Bill Nightingale served as tellers to count the ballots. The following were elected to the Board for 2015-2018:

  • Dick Castele

  • Barbara Weber

  • Mary Chidester

  • Claudia Springer

New Business:

  • Jim Schneider expressed a concern that there is no Load Limit sign on the entrance bridge.

  • Harry Bratton expressed a concern about manning a task to keep the tennis court weeds under control.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Eshelman,

Board of Trustees Meeting
Heidelberg Beach Association
July 5, 2015

Present: Jane Chidester (President), Rick Herwerden (Vice-President), Dick Castele (Treasurer), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Scott Welch, Jan Peer, David Rohrbaugh, Bill Richardson, Nancy Lukens.

Absent: Barbara Weber, Sharon Chidester, Bill Hertzer,

Present for discussion of infrastructure: John Macko, Jeff Springer, Jack Kramer, Mark Hayman, Harvey Foote, Brice Chidester.

Present for discussion of 92 Ohio Building Project: Aaron Hamilton.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dick Castele reported that the Fiscal Year has ended with a $308 surplus. $500 (approx.) in credits are pending from our water supplier.

Real Estate Report: None.

Old Business:

  1. Nominations for the Board for the July 2015 Annual Meeting:
    1. We have 7 nominees for 4 spots.
    2. David Rohrbaugh is leaving the Board after 6 years of service.
    3. Dick Castele, Nancy Lukens, and Barbara Weber are running for re-election.
    4. Other nominees are M. Borders, A. Hamilton, M. Chidester, and C. Springer.

  2. Infrastructure Investigation:
    1. Jeff Springer led a high-level discussion of how to proceed with a project to replace some or all of our infrastructure—storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water lines, possibly more.
    2. Jane reported on what she’s found out about infrastructure projects at Beulah Beach, Linwood, and Heidelberg Beach (in 1964).

New Business:

  1. 92 Ohio building project:

    Dick Castele applied to build a one story addition on the east side of his house with a 16’ bump out. Aaron Hamilton reported that the building committee approves the plans he submitted. A motion to approve the project was passed (Rohrbaugh/Lukens). Dick confirmed that any excavated ground is to be removed from Heidelberg Beach.

  2. Storm Problems:
    1. David Rohrbaugh had 18” of water in his basement due to storm sewer backup in the June 29 storm. Previously two problem spots were identified when the lines were scoped due to tree roots and crushed pipe. Jane will call Franklin to fix in the coming week.
    2. Many thanks to Nancy Lukens, Harvey Foote, and others who helped to clean up the Beach after that storm.

Next Board Meeting: following the annual meeting, Saturday, July 25.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Eshelman

Board of Trustees Meeting
Heidelberg Beach Association
May 24, 2015

Present: Jane Chidester (President), Rick Herwerden (Vice-President), Dick Castele (Treasurer), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Bill Hertzer, Scott Welch, Jan Peer, David Rohrbaugh, Mary Chidester (non-voting real estate officer)

Absent: Barbara Weber, Sharon Chidester, Bill Richardson, Nancy Lukens

New Members present for Approval: Brice and Kara Chidester, Linda Lackey

Treasurer’s Report:

Dick Castele will apply for a credit from the water provider for the early 2015 water leak (now fixed).

Real Estate Report:

  1. A motion passed (Peer/Welch), accepting Linda O. Lackey (Lot 99), into membership as Co-Trustee of the Ossman Family Revocable Trust, under Revocable Trust Agreement dated March 17, 1992, First Restatement dated May 30, 1995 and Second Restatement dated January 27, 2009. The President and Secretary of the Association were authorized to execute any documents required to evidence the consent. Wilbur R. Ossman, the other Co-Trustee of the Ossman Family Trust was previously accepted into membership.

  2. A motion passed (Welch/Peer) to approve the transfer of Lots 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 from James R. Rohrbaugh and Jane E. Rohrbaugh to James R. Rohrbaugh and Jane E. Rohrbaugh, Trustees of the James R. Rohrbaugh and Jane E. Rohrbaugh Qualified Spousal Trust dated May 1, 2015, and to authorize the President and Secretary of the Association to execute any documents required to evidence the consent.

  3. A motion passed (Rohrbaugh/Eshelman) to approve the transfer of the lease for Lot 69 from Sharon Coy Chidester, Trustee of the Declaration of Trust Creating Main Trust of Sharon Coy Chidester dated August 25, 2014 to Brice and Kara Chidester and to accept Brice and Kara Chidester into membership effective upon execution of the appropriate transfer documents. The President and Secretary of the Association were authorized to execute any documents required to evidence the transfer and/or consent.

Old Business:

  1. Email votes taken since last Board Meeting:
    1. 5/3/2015 Approval of O’Dougherty niece’s wedding on 9/12/2015.
    2. 5/7/2015 Approval of funds to repair water main leak.
  2. Pavilion painting:
    1. CCWW requests that any painting of the pavilion be paid for by the general membership.
    2. A line item will be added to the 2015 budget for pavilion maintenance.
  3. Water Leaks: Franklin found and repaired a water leak in the area of the Ohio-Indiana intersection manhole, 5/14/2015.
  4. Community Task List
    1. All tasks taken.
    2. Mr. Brown’s crew cleaned up our beach debris on 5/14/2015.
  5. Board Member issues
    1. A Motion was approved 7-0 (Jane Chidester/Jan Peer) to appoint Brice Chidester to the unexpired term of Sharon Chidester.
    2. David Rohrbaugh will leave the Board this year. Dick Castele, Nancy Lukens, and Barbara Weber will be asked to run for re-election.
  6. Infrastructure Investigation: Jane wants to connect with people at Linwood and Beulah for insights on our process.

New Business:

  1. Procedure for return of construction deposits: The Building Committee was asked to propose a formal procedure for return of construction deposits.
  2. A motion failed 6-2 (Eshelman/Herwerden): if a negative vote is received on an email vote, the issue must be taken up at the next Board meeting and the email vote canceled.

Next Board Meeting: 1pm Saturday, June 13.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Eshelman

Board of Trustees Meeting
Heidelberg Beach Association
April 25, 2015

Present: Jane Chidester (President), Dick Castele (Treasurer), Tom Eshelman (Secretary), Bill Hertzer, Scott Welch, Bill Richardson, Nancy Lukens

Absent: Barbara Weber, Rick Herwerden (Vice-President), Jan Peer, David Rohrbaugh, Sharon Chidester

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Dick Castele reported that we are in month 10 of the 12 month fiscal year and we are in good shape. We did receive credit from the water provider for much of the cost of the early 2014 water leaks.

  2. On 4/17/2015 Jack Corrigan documented the result of his financial audit of the statements for the fiscal year ending 6/30/2014. Everything was found to be in good order and professionally done.

Real Estate Report: none

Old Business:

  1. Email votes taken since last Board Meeting:

    4/20/2015: Voted to spend funds to have Franklin search for the water leak.

  2. Community Task List:

    1. There are still a few un-manned tasks. We will give this a full year before we decide if this task list experiment has worked.
    2. We are considering hiring a professional to maintain our Rt. 6 entrance sign landscape bed.
    3. There will be reminders to the community that the task list is on the web site.
    4. The beach cleanup went well today (April 25). Thank you to Nancy Lukens for organizing it.

  3. Water Leaks:

    1. Our water bills for the last three months have been about $300 higher than normal, indicating that there are water leaks.
    2. Franklin has determined that the biggest water leak is within ten feet of the Ohio-Indiana intersection manhole. They will return to pinpoint it on April 27 and then we will have it repaired.
    3. There could also be a leak at the end of W. Virginia. They could not get a camera down the manhole at W. Virginia. The storm drain is too full of mud/sludge again (it was cleaned out last summer).
    4. This is our third water leak in five years.

  4. Dumpster

    1. FSI was bought out by the dumpster service we just left. We are now Republic customers again, but they have honored the negotiated 3 year contract.
    2. We are considering re-orienting the dumpster during the winter months so the truck does not have to back up an icy Pennsylvania road.
    3. The locks did keep out extra trash from being dumped. We still need our people to be more considerate about what they dump—or just when they dump it.

  5. Infrastructure investigation

    1. The investigation is active. Several people and outside experts have been consulted over the winter.
    2. Our understanding of the process ahead:
      1. To get a real idea of what our options are and the cost, we’ll need to select a civil engineer to work with.
      2. After we choose someone, we’ll ask them out to look over our situation. We’ll share our concerns and questions. They’ll develop a preliminary plan and an estimate of costs, including their fee. They should guide us with respect to financial aid. We will not have paid anything at this point.
      3. If we choose to go forward we’ll get a formal contract drawn up and a bid sheet prepared. We will have to start paying money at this point.
      4. The engineering firm will put our plan out for bid and help oversee the project.

  6. Tasks completed

    1. The Winter tree work was completed including a large tree at the O’Dougherty’s.
    2. East entrance area was re-seeded, but will need additional attention in the spring.

New Business:

  1. Pavilion Maintenance
    We got an estimate to paint & stain the Pavilion and pump house for $2200-2500. This includes power washing and replacement of damaged wood. Some areas would be treated with a mixture of wood sealer and stain instead of paint. Historically this cost is shared with CCWW. They have been consulted and are considering.

  2. 2015 Meeting Dates

    Meetings Sandscribes Schedule
    April 25th Around May 1st
    (start of season reminders)
    May 24th—Sunday of Memorial Day
    June 13th Around June 15th
    (Pavilion Minister & Cleaning Schedule, Social Schedule, Board Candidates, Annual Meeting info)
    July 5th—Sunday of July 4th weekend
    July 25th—Annual Meeting Around August 1st (report of Annual Meeting)
    August 22nd
    September 26th—Set Budget Around October 12th (budget decisions)

  3. Review of General Rules

    1. The Board intends to create two documents; a short bullet list of the rules in an easy-to-read format with accompanying visual map&and a “Reasons Behind the Rules” (i.e. a “Membership Guide”) that explains in more detail why each rule was made.
    2. The Board reviewed many possible rules changes that have been suggested by the community. The Board will propose changes and solicit community feedback before the Annual meeting.

  4. Assessment information
    A motion was passed (Welch/Lukens) to make a list available on the website of the assessment and taxes that each property is billed for.

Next Board Meeting: 1pm Sunday, May 24.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Eshelman