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Heidelberg Beach History

This page is a stub for future development.

What is envisioned is a repository of photos, stories, videos and memories showcasing the magnificent history of Heidelberg Beach. It would be ideal if the information and artifacts could be organized and cross-referenced both by cottage and family.

If you can help with the collection, organization, or writing of this historical data, please contact either Claudia Springer or Gale Kramer.

Here are some of the things we've collected so far:

Lake Shore Electric (Interurban Railroad)

Drew Penfield has a Web Site dedicated to this historic electric railway that used to have a stop at our beach entrance on Route 6 in the early 1900’s. He has done extensive research of the railway and our area providing fun, historic information. Specifically you’ll see Heidelberg Beach referenced under his “Vacationland” section.

Personal Reflections of Rev. Paul E. Rohrbaugh

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First Constitution & By-Laws of the Heidelberg Beach Association, 1924

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Early Sales Brochures

Early Sales Brochure #1

Early Sales Brochure #2

Early Sales Brochure #3

50th Anniversary Booklet from 1974

The 50th Anniversary celebration was spearheaded by Margaret and Ray Schuman. They composed this booklet, with input from founding members such as the Pretzers and the Rohrbaughs (specifically the Rev. Paul E. Rohrbaugh). The booklet's cover was created by Char Schuman (Margaret and Ray's daughter).

Will Ossman's Items of Note from the Board Minutes 1943-1996

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1996 Responsibility Guidelines for Committees

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One Foundation, Reflections of Worship at Heidelberg Beach

During the summer of 2013, Elizabeth Eshelman Moes (daughter of Jane and Tom Eshelman, 73 Indiana) compiled a booklet containing various stories and memories of Pavilion services at Heidelberg Beach.

Heidelberg Beach The Schaaf Road Axis

A brief history by Gale Kramer about the early years and founding of Heidelberg Beach, and numerous connections to Schaaf Road in the Village of Brooklyn Heights on the south side of Cleveland.

Home Movies of 89 Michigan Construction

The Corrigan Family has shared some priceless home movies from 1958 of the original construction of the cottage at 89 Michigan. The video came from the Wagner family who originally built the cottage. What a treasure!

The video is 22 minutes long. Note that if you wish you can play it full screen by clicking the control near the lower right-hand corner. No, there is no sound. ☺

If anyone recognizes any of the faces in video, please send us a time stamp of where they occur and a description and we'll list them here. Some descriptive information has already been received and is listed below the video.

From Gale Kramer:

Gale sent a note to Dennis Wagner, who was responsible for converting his cousin Jerry’s movie to the DVD that the Corrigans have (and which is presented above). In reply, Dennis wrote: “I found that movie on some old 8mm rolls that Jerry Wagner had. He has since passed away along with his wife Jill; both were retired in Florida. I converted them to DVD, and on the 2011 trip to Sandusky for our CHHS 50th class reunion, I visited Heidelberg, showed it to my wife Bev, and dropped off the DVD at the Corrigan's cottage (they were not home at the time).”

Brothers Norman and Richard Wagner were nephews of M. L. Ruetenik. Before their cottage was finished, Dennis says they stayed at the cottage of their cousin Mildred Winter (a niece of M.L. Ruetenik), who owned the cottage now owned by Dick Castele (92 Ohio).

Notations (preceded by time stamp into the video):

1:38 Doris Wagner Spirakus, daughter of Norman Wagner.

9:38 Jerry Wagner on the scaffold, son of Norman.

2:25 Neighbors, probably including Clifford and Curtis Schuman.

2:55 Dick Wagner in white, Dennis Wagner in black, sons of Richard Wagner.

20:02 Richard Wagner and his daughter Susan.

20:19 Dick Wagner, son of Richard and Dorothy.

20:28 Virginia Wyman (later married to Gale Kramer), high school date of Dick Wagner.

20:31 Winnifred (L) and Dorothy (R) Wagner, sisters, wives of Norman and Richard Wagner.

1:09, 17:05 Good shots of the Friebolin red brick house east of Heidelberg Beach, on the property later developed by Mr. Brown.