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Heidelberg Beach Recycling and Large Item Disposal

Recycling and Landfill

The Vermilion Township Recycling Center on Stanley Road has closed its drop-off recycling center, but is still open twice a year for free disposal of non-standard items. The free dump day generally falls on the 2nd Saturday of May and September.

The Erie County Landfill is open 24/7 for drop-off recycling.

Sales, Donations, or Giveaways of Large Items

Please do not leave large items (like mattresses, bookcases, furniture) down by our dumpster. These items will not be taken by our trash pickup service, and then one of your neighbors will end up having to clean up after you.

If you have large items to dispose of, please consider one of the options below:

  • Offer the items for sale or for free to your neighbors by sending an email message to the Heidelberg Beach Web site administrator, and we'll make a Web post.

  • Place the items outside your cottage with a sign on them. Do this only when you are present on property—please do not put them out and then drive home.

  • Take them to the Huron Goodwill (right behind the Huron Dairy Queen and next to the Drug Mart). They accept all types of items during regular business hours.

  • Donate them to Habit for Humanity by either taking the items to the ReStore location on Rt. 250 on specified days and times, or call for free pick up service.

  • Twice a year in May and September, Vermilion Township offers free dump days.

  • Erie County has debuted a new Erie County Recycles Web site, with lots of detailed information about how and where to dispose all kinds of materials—including hazardous items.